Front cover image for Women of New France : Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project

Women of New France : Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project

Print Book, English, 2010
Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, 2010
31 pages : illustrations, maps, photographs ; 28 cm.
Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project
What was New France? : Struggle for a continent
Intercolonial relations : Algonquian Society ; Iroquoian Society
Metis Society
The diversity of women's roles : Finding a wife in the Illinois country ; Women merchants and their other business ventures ; Women fur traders ; Diplomacy
The social and legal status of women : Maids and matrons ; Wives and widows ; Religious vocation
Women's domestic lives : Fiber arts ; Weaving ; Sewing
Dressing up in the colony : Form and function ; Adorning the body
Culture and cuisine : Open fire cooking ; On the table
Music, dancing, and diversions : Music ; Dancing
"To employ themselves to the best of their ability ..." : Religious life ; Literacy ; Education
Degrees of freedom : Slavery ; Servitude
Concluding thoughts
"Fort St. Joseph ... was located in the third ward of the present city of Niles, Michigan."
"This project is funded by the Michigan Humanities Council."