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Parallel algorithms and cluster computing : implementations, algorithms and applications

This book presents advances in high performance computing as well as advances accomplished using high performance computing.
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x, 362 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9783540335399, 9783540335412, 3540335390, 3540335412
Parallel programming models for irregular algorithms / Guldula Rünger
Basic approach to parallel finite element computations: the DD data splitting / Arnd Meyer
A performance analysis of ABINIT on a cluster system / Torsten Hoefler, Rebecca Janisch, Wolfgang Rehm
Some aspects of parallel post processing for numerical simulation / Matthias Pester
Efficient preconditioners for special situations in finite element computations / Arnd Meyer
Nitsche finite element method for elliptic problems with complicated data / Bernd Heinrich, Kornelia Pönitz
Wavelet matrix compression for boundary integral equations / Helmut Harbrecht, Ulf Kähler, Reinhold Schneider
Parallel simulations of phase transitions in disordered many-particle systems / Thomas Voijta
Localization of electronic states in amorphous materials: recursive green's function method and the metal-insulator transition at E = 0 / Alexander Croy, Rudolf A. Römer, Michael Schreiber
Optimizing simulated annealing schedules for amorphous carbons / Peter Blaudeck, Karl Heinz Hoffmann
Amorphisation at heterophase interfaces / Sibylle Gemming, Audrey Enyashin, Michael Schreiber
Energy-level and wave-function statistics in the Anderson model of localization / Bernhard Mehlig, Michael Schreiber
Fine structures of the integrated density of states for Bernoulli-Anderson models / Peter Karmann [and others]
Modeling aging experiments in spin glasses / Karl Heinz Hoffman [and others]
Random Walks on fractals / Astrid Franz [and others]
Lyapunov instabilities of extended systems / Hong-liu, Günter Radons
The cumulant method for gas dynamics / Steffen Seeger, Karl Heinz Hoffmann, Arnd Meyer Rutgers restricted Full text available from Springer