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International terrorism : characteristics, causes, controls

A reader providing an analytic framework for understanding the nature of terrorism and its causes. It brings together 28 readings - five specially written for this volume - written from a range of viewpoints and providing a balance between descriptive and interpretative approaches.
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Part 1 The Characteristics of contemporary international terrorism: international terrorism - the other World War, B.M.Jenkins; revolutionaries and functionaries - the dual face of terrorism, R.A.Falk; conceptualizing political terrorism, R.H.Schultz; the political underpinnings of terrorism, G.G.Sick; the strategy of terrorism, D.Fromkin; the seven deadly sins of terrorism, P.M.Johnson; the futility of terrorism, W.Laqueur; the multi-dimensional challenge of terrorism - common misperceptions and policy dilemmas, W.B.Quandt; demystifying the mystery of international terrorism, M.Stohl. Part 2 The causes of terrorism: the causes of terrorism, M.Crenshaw; the noncauses of terrorism R.E.Rubenstein; why modern terrorism? three causes springing from the seeds of the 1960s, R.M.Kidder; sources of terrorism - terrorists' ideologies and beliefs, P.Wilkinson; religion and terror - thugs, assassins, and zealo ts, D.C.Rapaport; the media's role in terrorism, L.J.Martin; is international terrorism primarily state-sponsored? M.Crenshaw; the superpowers foreign policy, and terrorism, D.M.Schlagheck; explaining international terrorism - the elusive quest, J.Bowyer Bell. Part 3 The control of international terrorism: impediments and prerequisites to counter-terrorism, C.C.O'Brien; reflections on the eradication of terrorism, W.Laqueur; moral response to terrorism, J.Tunstead Burtchael ; proactive responses to terrorism - reprisals, preemption, and retribution, N.C.Livingstone; confronting nuclear terrorism, L.Rene Beres; why we need more but better coverage of terrorism, P.Clawson ; countering terrorism - evaluating the options, W.Gutteridge.