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Public concerns : philosophical studies of social issues

In this collection of his recent and classic essays, philosopher Nicholas Rescher explores a variety of contemporary public policy issues ranging from the use of quantitative data in social policy-making to problems in biomedical ethics.
Print Book, English, cop. 1995
Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham Md., cop. 1995
études diverses
x, 198 p. ; 23 cm
9780847681259, 9780847681266, 0847681254, 0847681262
Part 1 Validation Problems in Political Contexts: Is Consensus Required for a Rational Social Order?; On the Rationale of Governmental Regulation; Concretisation Quandaries and Decision Anomalies. Part 2 Quantification Problems in Social Matters: The Bell Curve Revisited; Meaningless Numbers; The Social Value of Life. Part 3 Moral Issues in the Public Policy Sphere: Economics vs. Moral Philosophy; The Social Rationale of Benevolence; Problems of Distributive Justice; Moral Obligations and the Refugee; On Moral Limits to Scientific Research. Part 4 Medical and Biological Issues: The Allocation of Exotic Medical Lifesaving Therapy; Ethics and Economics in Biomedical Research; Why Save Endangered Species?