Front cover image for The age of insight : the quest to understand the unconscious in art, mind, and brain : from Vienna 1900 to the present

The age of insight : the quest to understand the unconscious in art, mind, and brain : from Vienna 1900 to the present

"A brilliant book by a Nobel Prize winner, "The Age of Insight" takes readers to Vienna in 1900, where leaders in science, medicine, and art began a revolution that changed forever how we think about the human mind--our conscious and unconscious thoughts and emotions--and how mind and brain relate to art." -- Book jacket
Print Book, English, ©2012
Random House, New York, ©2012
xviii, 636 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm
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Part 1. A psychoanalytic psychology and art of unconscious emotion. An inward turn : Vienna 1900
Exploring the truths hidden beneath the surface : origins of a scientific medicine
Viennese artists, writers, and scientists meet in the Zuckerkandl Salon
Exploring the brain beneath the skull : origins of a scientific psychiatry
Exploring mind together with the brain : the development of a brain-based psychology
Exploring mind apart from the brain : origins of a dynamic psychology
Searching for inner meaning in literature
The depiction of modern women's sexuality in art
The depiction of the psyche in art
The fusion of eroticism, aggression, and anxiety in art
Part 2. A cognitive psychology of visual perception and emotional response to art. Discovering the beholder's share
Observation is also invention : the brain as a creativity machine
The emergence of twentieth-century painting
Part 3. Biology of the beholder's visual response to art. The brain's processing of visual images
Deconstruction of the visual image : the building blocks of form perception
Reconstruction of the world we see : vision is information processing
High-level vision and the brain's perception of face, hands, and body
Top-down processing of information : using memory to find meaning
The deconstruction of emotion : the search for emotional primitives
The artistic depiction of emotion through the face, hands, body, and color
Unconscious emotions, conscious feelings, and their bodily expression
Part 4. Biology of the beholder's emotional response to art. Top-down control of cognitive emotional information
The biological response to beauty and ugliness in art
The beholder's share : entering the private theater of another's mind
The biology of the beholder's share : modeling other people's minds
How the brain regulates emotion and empathy
Part 5. An evolving dialogue between visual art and science. Artistic universals and the Austrian expressionists
The creative brain
The cognitive unconscious and the creative brain
Brain circuits for creativity
Talent, creativity, and brain development
Knowing ourselves : the new dialogue between art and science