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Physical education and activity for elementary classroom teachers

Since many colleges and universities divide a physical education methods course for classroom teachers into separate lecture and laboratory sections, this text is divided into two primary sections. The first section is written to address topics that are covered during lectures in a university classroom. The second is written to address activities covered during laboratory experiences in a gymnasium. Each section contains relatively brief chapters that cover the most important points of the chapter's focus in easy-to-read text with numerous photos and interactive activities
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PrefaceChapter 1:Developing an Appreciation for Physical EducationChapter 2:Curriculum PlanningChapter 3:Lesson PlanningChapter 4:Using Curriculum to Develop an Inclusive Learning EnvironmentChapter 5:Curriculum Models and Special EventsChapter 6:Teaching StylesChapter 7:Establishing an Effective Learning EnvironmentChapter 8:Effective TeachingChapter 9:Classroom Organization and ManagementChapter 10:Preventive Class Management and DisciplineChapter 11:Assessment and EvaluationChapter 12:Integrating Movement Across the CurriculumChapter 13: Locomotor Skills: Fundamental PatternsChapter 14: Manipulative Skills: Throwing and CatchingChapter 15: Manipulative Skills: Volleying and DribblingChapter 16: Manipulative Skills:Kicking and PuntingChapter 17: Striking with Hands and RacketsChapter 18: Striking: Bats, Sticks, & ClubsChapter 19: Creative Movement,: COncepts, Dance and ImageryChapter 20: Educational Gymnastics: Balancing, Weight Transfer, and RollingChapter 21: Health-Related Fitness: Muscular Strength and Endurance and FlexibilityChapter 22: Health-Related Fitness: Cardiovascular EnduranceChapter 23: Educational Games: Cooperative and Student-DesignedChapter 24: Quality Recess