Front cover image for Embers of war : the fall of an empire and the making of America's Vietnam

Embers of war : the fall of an empire and the making of America's Vietnam

A history of the four decades leading up to the Vietnam War offers insights into how the U.S. became involved, identifying commonalities between the campaigns of French and American forces while discussing relevant political factors
Print Book, English, ©2012
Random House, New York, ©2012
xxii, 839 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
9780375504426, 9780375756474, 0375504427, 0375756477
Prologue: A Vietnamese in Paris
Part 1. Liberations, 1940-1945. "The empire is with us!" ; The anti-imperialist ; Crossroads ; "All men are created equal"
Part 2. Colonial struggle, 1946-1949. The warrior monk ; The spark ; War without fronts ; "If I accepted these terms I'd be a coward"
Part 3. East meets west, 1949-1953. "The center of the Cold War" ; Attack on the RC4 ; King Jean ; The quiet Englishman ; The turning point that didn't turn ; Eisenhower in charge ; Navarre's American plan
Part 4. The cauldron, 1953-1954. Arena of the gods ; "We have the impression they are going to attack tonight" ; "Vietnam is a part of the world" ; America wants in ; Dulles versus Eden ; Valley of tears
Part 5. Peace of a kind, 1954. With friends like these ; "We must go fast" ; "I have seen destiny bend to that will"
Part 6. Seizing the torch, 1954-1959. "We have no choice but to win here" ; Miracle man ; Things fall apart
Epilogue: Different dreams, same footsteps
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