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Breakthrough problem solving with action learning : concepts and cases

Michael J. Marquardt (Author), Roland K. Yeo (Author)
Breakthrough Problem Solving with Action Learning explores why and how action learning groups have been so successful and creative in solving complex problems. The text begins by briefly reviewing the theories that undergird the effectiveness of action learning, philosophically situating readers and pointing them in the direction of related academic works that they may wish to explore. It then turns to stories of how organizations have employed action learning in solving specific, often-encountered business problems. These cases not only serve as real-world models for how action learning can be successfully employed, but also offer inspiration and potential starting points and guidelines for other businesses that face similar problems. The book concludes with a cross-case analysis that pinpoints the ingredients necessary for breakthrough problem solving via action learning
Print Book, English, 2012
Stanford Business Books, An Imprint of Stanford University Press, Stanford, California, 2012
Case Reports
xiv, 241 pages ; 24 cm
9780804774123, 0804774129
Problem complexity and problem solving in the 21st century
Action learning and breakthrough problem solving
Sales and marketing
Technology applications
Environment and sustainability
National and community development
Product and services innovation
Corporate culture and ethics
Talent management and development
Virtual settings
Organizational change and learning
Action learning principles and strategies for breakthough problem solving