Front cover image for Markets not capitalism : individualist anarchism against bosses, inequality, corporate power, and structural poverty

Markets not capitalism : individualist anarchism against bosses, inequality, corporate power, and structural poverty

Gary Chartier (Editor), Charles W. Johnson (Editor)
Print Book, English, [2011]
Released by Minor Compositions ; Distributed by Autonomedia, London, New York, [2011]
x, 428 pages ; 23 cm
9781570272424, 1570272425
Part 1. The problem of deformed markets. The freed market / William Gillis
State socialism and anarchism / Benjamin R. Tucker
General idea of the revolution in the nineteenth century / Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
Markets freed from capitalism / Charles W. Johnson
Part 2. Identities and Isms. Market anarchism as stigmergic socialism / Brad Spangler
Armies that overlap / Benjamin R. Tucker
The individualist and the communist / Rosa Slobodinsky and Voltairine de Cleyre
A glance at communism / Voltairine de Cleyre
Advocates of freed markets should oppose capitalism / Gary Chartier
Anarchism without hyphens / Karl Hess
What laissez faire? / Sheldon Richman
Libertarianism through thick and thin / Charles W. Johnson
Socialist ends, market means / Gary Chartier
Part 3. Ownership. A plea for public property / Roderick T. Long
From Whence do property titles arise? / William Gillis
The gift economy of property / Shawn Wilbur
Fairness and possession / Gary Chartier
The libertarian case against intellectual property rights / Roderick T. Long
Part 4. Corporate power and labor solidarity. Corporations versus the market, or whip conflation now / Roderick T. Long
Does competition mean war? / Benjamin R. Tucker
Economic calculation in the corporate commonwealth / Kevin Carson
Big business and the rise of american statism / Roy A. Childs
Regulation: the cause, not the cure, of the financial crisis / Roderick T. Long
Industrial economics / Dyer D. Lum
Labor struggle in a free market / Kevin A. Carson
Should labor be paid or not? / Benjamin R. Tucker
Part 5. Neoliberalism, privatization, and redistribution. Free market reforms and the reduction of statism / Kevin A. Carson
Free trade is fair trade / Joe Peacott
Two words on "privatization" / Charles W. Johnson
Where are the specifics? / Karl Hess
Confiscation and the homestead principle / Murray N. Rothbard. Part 6. Inequality and social safety nets. Let the free market eat the rich! / Jeremy Weiland
Individualism and inequality / Joe Peacott
How government solved the health care crisis / Roderick T. Long
The poverty of the welfare state / Joe Peacott
Part 7. Barriers to entry and fixed costs of living. Hoe "intellectual property" impedes competition / Kevin A. Carson
The American land question / Joseph R. Stromberg
English enclosures and Soviet collectivization / Joseph R. Stromberg
Health care and radical monopoly / Kevin A. Carson
Scratching by / Charles W. Johnson
Part 8. Free-market regulation: social activism and spontaneous order. Regulation red herring / Sheldon Richman
We are market forces / Charles W. Johnson
Platonic productivity / Roderick T. Long
Libertarianism and anti-racism / Sheldon Richman
Aggression and the environment / Mary Ruwart
The Clean Water Act versus clean water / Charles W. Johnson
Context-keeping and community organizing / Sheldon Richman