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The complete idiot's guide to chemistry

Ian Guch
This guide follows a standard chemistry curriculum, walking you through all of the topics you need to know and none of the ones you don't. You'll see the difference on your test results
Print Book, English, ©2011
Alpha, Indianapolis, IN, ©2011
xviii, 396 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9781615641260, 1615641262
Firing up the Bunsen burner. Measuring up ; The history of the atom ; The modern atom
A matter of organization. Elements, compounds, and mixtures ; Ionic compounds ; Getting to know covalent compounds ; Bonding and structure in covalent compounds ; The mole
Solids, liquids, and gases. Solids ; Liquids and intermolecular forces ; Solutions ; The kinetic molecular theory of gases ; Gas laws ; Phase diagrams and changes of state
How reactions occur. Chemical equations ; Stoichiometry ; Qualitative chemical kinetics ; Quantitative chemical kinetics ; The world of chemical equilibria
Practical chemistry. Acids and bases ; Electrochemistry ; Transition metals and coordination compounds ; Organic chemistry ; Biochemistry ; Nuclear chemistry
Thermodynamics 101. Cranking up the heat: basic thermodynamics ; Thermodynamics and spontaneity
Includes index