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The works of John Milton, in verse and prose, printed from the original editions with a life of the author

Print Book, English, 1851
W. Pickering, London, 1851
8 v. front. (port.) 1 illus., fold. facsim., fold. geneal. tab. 23 cm.
Poetical works (2 v.): I. Life of Milton. Samson Agonistes. A mask. Lycidas. Il penseroso. L'allegro. Arcades. Miscellaneous poems. Sonnets. Psalms. Elegiarum liber primus. Epigrammatum liber. Sylvarum liber
II. Paradise regained. Prose works (6 v.) : III. Of reformation touching church discipline in England, and the cawses that hitherto have hindered it. Of prelaticall episcopacy. The reason of church-government urg'd against prelaty. Animadversions upon The remonstrants defense against Smectymnuus. An apology against a pamphlet call'd A modest confutation of the animadversions upon the Remonstrant against Smectymnuus. In answer to a book intitl'd. The portrature of His sacred Majesty in his solitudes and sufferings
IV. The doctrine and discipline of divorce. Tetrachrdon: expositions upon the foure chief places in Scripture, which treat of mariage, &c. The judgment of Martin Bucer, concerning divorce. Colasterion: a reply to nameless Answer against the doctrine and discipline of divorce. Of education. A reopagitica; a speech for the library of unlicens'd printing. The tenure of kings and magistrates. Observations on the Articles of peace between James, earl of Ormond, for King Charles the Frist on the one hand, and the Irish rebels and papists on the other hand
v. The history of Britain ... to the Norman conquest. A treatsie of civil power in ecclesiastial causes. Considerations touching the likeliest means to remove hirelings out of the church. Brief notes upon a late sermon, titled The fear of God and the King; preach'd and since publish'd by Matthew Griffith. A letter to a friend, concerning the ruptures of the commonwealth. Of true religion, heresie, schism, toleration, and what best means may be us'd against the growth of popery. The ready and easy way to establish a free commonwealth. The present means, and brief delineation of a free commonwealth ... In a letter to General Monk
VI. Pro populo anglicano defensio. Joannis Philippi Angli respinsio ad Apologiam anonymi cujusdam tenebrionis pro rege et populo anglicano infantissimam. Defensio secunda pro populo anglicano. Authoris ad Alexandri Mori supplementum responsio. Accedence comenc't grammar, supply'd with sufficient rules ... to attain the Latin tongue
VII. Artis logicæ plenior institutio, ad Petri Rami methodum concinnata. Praxis logicæ analytica ex Dounamo. Petri Rami vita ex Joanne Thoma Freigio ... descripta. Literæ Senatus anglicani; nec non Cromwellii, etc. Literæ Oliverii Protectoris nomine scriptæ. Literæ Richardi Protectoris nomine scriptæ. Scriptum Dom. Protectoris reipublicæ Angliæ, Scotiæ, Hiberniæ, &c. Autoris Epistolarum familiarium liber unus. Autoris Prolusiones quædam oratoriæ. In collegio, &c
VIII. A defense of the people of England, in answer to Salmasius's Defense of the King. Letters of state during the administration of the commowealth, and the protectors Oliver and Richard Cromwell. Letters written in the mane of Oliver the Protector. A manifesto of the Lord Protector of the commonwealth of England, Scotland, Ireland, &c. against the Spaniards. A declaration, the Third, elected on the 22d of May last past, anno Dom. 1674. A brief history of Moscovia, and of other less known countries lying eastward of Russia as far as Cathay
"The Life is formed on that which appeared by the same writer in the Aldine edition of the Poetical works of Milton, 1831, with some additions and alterations."
Poetical works, v. 1-2; Prose works, v. 3-8
Text in English and Latin