Front cover image for A maritime history of Bath, Maine and the Kennebec River region

A maritime history of Bath, Maine and the Kennebec River region

Print Book, English, 1973
Marine Research Society of Bath, Bath, 1973
2 volumes (xviii, 1160 pages) illustrations 24 cm
Vol. 1: The Popham colony
The beginning of Kennebec trading
Sagadahoc settlers, 1654
The development of Sagadahoc
Changes in government
The Pejepscot proprietors
Brunswick and Georgetown
Boston and colonial trade
The Kennebec purchase
Shipping and shipbuilding, 1750-1775
The revolution
Ship design and construction to 1783
The new nation, 1783-1789
Business conditions, 1789-1807
Bath, 1789-1807
The Kennebec region, 1789-1807
Embargo and war, 1808-1814
Ship design and construction, 1783-1814
The West India trade
Hurricanes, pirates, and disease
A variety of trades
Packets and coasters to 1840
Steam comes to the Kennebec
Family-owned fleets of Bath
Other Bath fleets and business conditions, 1815-1840
The Kennebec region towns, 1815-1840
Ship design and construction, 1815-1840
Bath in the 1840s
The Kennebec clippers
The emigrant trade
Kennebec steamboats and sailing packets, 1840-1865
Bath in the 1850s
To build a ship
Bath district shipbuilding, 1841-1860
The Civil War
Ship design and construction, 1841-1865
Recovery, 1865-1880
"An enterprising firm" and other shipbuilders, 1865-1880
Ferries. Vol. 2: Coal and ice
Kennebec river tugs
Bath in the 1880s
The down-easters
The shipcarvers
A progression of schooners, 1868-1900
The iron shipyard
Kennebec steamboating after 1865
The Kennebec region, 1865-1925
Bath after 1900
Ship design and construction after 1865
Appendixes: Construction record
construction summaries by cities and towns
Construction contract
Contract for a schooner built in Kennebunk, 1773
Naval officers and collectors of customs
Jonathan Hyde's letter of instructions
A West India charter party
Possessions of Captain John Thomas, 1832
The McLellan, Houghton, Patten, and Sewall fleets
Vessels built by Johnson Rideout at Bath
Construction contract
Vessel survey reports
Rigging sizes
Statement of bills
Block list
Expenses and receipts
Dimensions of spars