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Line in the sand : a history of the Western U.S.-Mexico border

Details the dramatic transformation of the western US - Mexico border from its creation at the end of the Mexican - American War in 1848 to the emergence of the modern boundary line. This title explores how this boundary changed from a mere line on a map to a clearly marked and heavily regulated divide between the United States and Mexico.
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Acknowledgments vii Introduction 1 Chapter One: A New Map for North America: Defining the Border 12 Chapter Two: Holding the Line: Fighting Land Pirates and Apaches on the Border 39 Chapter Three: Landscape of Profits: Cultivating Capitalism across the Border 63 Chapter Four: The Space Between: Policing the Border 90 Chapter Five: Breaking Ties, Building Fences: Making War on the Border 119 Chapter Six: Like Night and Day: Regulating Morality with the Border 148 Chapter Seven: Insiders/Outsiders: Managing Immigration at the Border 174 Conclusion 198 Notes 209 Bibliography 249 Index 273