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Matters of culture : cultural sociology in practice

An introduction to theorizing in cultural sociology
Print Book, English, 2004
Cambridge University Press, New York, 2004
408 s. : illustrations
9780521791625, 9780521795456, 0521791626, 0521795451
1. The cultural turn in American sociology Roger Friedland and John Mohr; Part I. The Place of Culture: 2. Culture and continuity: causal structures in socio-cultural persistence Orlando Patterson; 3. Theorizing hermeneutic cultural history John R. Hall; 4. Cultural studies as fin-de-siecle culture Mark A. Schneider; Part II. Sacred and Profane: 5. Private devotions and the sacred heart of Elvis: the Durkheimians and the (re)turn of the sacred Richard D. Hecht; 6. The social marking of the past: toward a socio-semiotics of memory Eviatar Zerubavel; 7. On the social construction of moral universals: the 'Holocaust' from war crimes to trauma drama Jeffrey C. Alexander; Part III. Culture and Power: 8. Social justice in the age of identity politics: redistribution, recognition, and participation Nancy Fraser; 9. Are we all in the closet? Notes towards a sociological and cultural turn in Queer Theory Steven Seidman; 10. Why (not) Foucault? Reflections on power, fascism and aesthetics