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Exiles and pioneers : eastern Indians in the Trans-Mississippi West

Publisher description: Exiles and Pioneers focuses on the experiences of Shawnee, Delaware, Wyandot, and Potawatomi Indians from the late 1700s to the 1860s. The book uses this multi-tribal perspective to argue that these Indian communities both benefited and suffered from the ineffective policies of the federal government during this period of relentless western expansion. It is the first book to both connect the histories of these four native communities during the nineteenth century and provide a comprehensive examination of removal beyond the experience of the southeastern Indians
Print Book, English, 2007
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2007
xiv, 272 pages : illustrations, maps ; 23 cm
9780521857550, 9780521674195, 0521857554, 0521674190
Part I. From the Great Lakes to the Prairie Plains: 1. Border and corrider: Shawnees, Delawares, and the Mississippi River; 2. Potawatomis, Delawares, and Indian removal in the Great Lakes; Part II. Becoming Border Indians: 3. Borderling subsistence and western adaptations; 4. Eastern council fires in the West; 5. Joseph Parks, William Walker, and the politics of change; Part III. From Kansas to exile: 6. Subtraction through division: Delawares, Wyandots, and the struggle for Kansas territory; 7. Power on the western front: Shawnee and Potawatomi Indians in Kansas; Epilogue: life after exile