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An Autobiography of Black Chicago

"'An autobiography of black Chicago' is an essential guide to Black Chicago's explosive growth and flowering during the 20th century. Dempsey Travis, a musician, activist, author, and self-made real estate magnate, became one of the city's preeminent African-American citizens. Through his family's and his own experiences, Travis created a comprehensive yet intimate history of African Americans in Chicago." -- From the rear cover
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216 pages ; 23 cm
9781932841671, 1932841679
Prologue : before my time
The early 1900s : time of change
Racial strife : I never learned to swim
Hard times
If bad dreams were money, blacks would be rich
Listening back
Hoover's Depression and Grandmas's session
Changing tides : boyhood to manhood
DuSable High, class of '39
My street of broken dreams
World War II
Camp Shenango
Facing facts
Don't stop me now
Civil rights struggle, northern style
Front lines
Raising the "cotton curtain"
The contract buyers league
Reading the obits