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The birth of monotheism : the rise and disappearance of Yahwism

"In this groundbreaking book accessible to laypeople and scholars alike André Lemaire, a world-renowned expert on the ancient world, explores the development of perhaps the most important idea in the history of humankind: the concept of a single, universal God. Lemaire traces this key idea from its precursor the religion of ancient Israel, which worshiped a single God but accepted the idea that other nations would have gods of their own to worship to the development of classic, universal monotheism during the crisis of the Babylonian Exile and after"
Print Book, English, ©2007
Biblical Archaeology Society, Washington, DC, ©2007
160 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
9781880317990, 1880317990
Before YHWH
The Origins of Yahwism
Early Yahwism in Israel's central hill country
The God of Israel
Yahwism of the First Temple Period: monotheism or monolatry?
The divided kingdom and the resurgence of Baalism
YHWH and his Asherah?: did the God of Israel have a consort?
Yahwism and aniconism
The rise of the prophets
The religious reforms of the Judahite King Hezekiah
Astral worship and the religious reforms of king Josiah
The religious crisis of exile
The emergence of universal monotheism
Israelite religion in the Persian Empire: YHWH as God of heaven?
The Temple, the synagogue and Absolute aniconism
The disappearance of YHWH
Tetragrammaton YHWH