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The ways of my grandmothers

Print Book, English, ©1980
William Morrow & Company, Inc., New York, ©1980
256 pages ; 21 cm
9780688004712, 0688004717
Who my grandmothers are: The oldest grandmother among my people ; A traditional Blood marriage: a grandmother who married at seven: Brown woman's story ; The holy women among my grandmothers ; Some thoughts from the holy woman, Mrs. Rides-at-the-Door ; The story of Catches-Two-Horses ; Legends of the Sun Dance: How the holy woman's head dress came to be; How the morning star contributed to the Natoas ; A grandmother who had the power to call ghosts ; Stories by my aunt, Mary One Spot, of the Sarcee Tribe: How my grandmother and I lived together / Mary One Spot ; A grandmother who went on war raids: Running Eagle
woman warrior of the Blackfeet; A woman who followed the ways of a man ; The Blood who reclaimed his stolen wife (and then named my grandfather's brother for the incident) ; The initiations of Paul Weasel Head, a Blood elder / by Paula Weasel Head: Paula Weasel Head's comments on life; Two little sisters / Paula Weasel Head's sister, Annie Red Crow; Childhood memories / Paula Weasel Head; The time the nuns brought us to the Sun Dance / Paula Weasel Head
Learning from my grandmothers
My grandmother's camp / Ruth Little Bear
Learning to camp like my grandmothers
The dances of my grandmothers
Myths and legends of my grandmothers:: How the old people say we women were made ; How men and women were brought back together ; The woman who married a dropping ; The man who was left by his wives ; The horse woman ; The mistreated wife ; The white girl who married an Indian ghost ; The girl who became a mean bear ; The woman who married a dog ; The unfaithful wife ; Why a woman made dogs stop talking ; The woman whose head remained faithful ; Kutuyis, the young man who helped all the women ; The woman who brought back the buffalo
Around the house
some teachings from the grandmothers: Grandmother in her house / Ruth Little Bear: Cooking the insides ; About babies and children ; On preventing childbirth ; Women's sage ; Preparing food: Drying meat; Some recipes ; The clothing of my grandmothers: Moccasins; Dresses ; Tanning: Making rawhide; Making rawhide soft; Comments on tanning / Mrs. Rides-at-the-Door; Smoking the tanned hide ; Other craftwork: Sinew and tools; Porcupine quillwork; Beadwork; Toys; Cradleboards; Utensils