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E-government : information, technology, and transformation

H. Jochen Scholl (Editor)
E-Government: Information, Technology, and Transformation provides a comprehensive overview of the
Print Book, English, cop. 2010
M. E. Sharpe, Armonk, N. Y., cop. 2010
XIII, 326 str. : ilustr. ; 26 cm.
9780765619891, 076561989X
Series Editor’s Introduction PART I. FOUNDATIONS 1. Electronic Government: Introduction to the Domain 2. Electronic Government: A Study Domain Past Its Infancy PART II. ORGANIZATION, MANAGEMENT, AND TRANSFORMATION 3. Deep E-Government: Beneath the Carapace 4. Defining the Transformation of Government: E-Government or E-Governance Paradigm? 5. Evaluating E-Government Implementation: Opening the Interdisciplinary Door 6. Local E-Government Sophistication in the United States 7. M-Government and E-Government: Transformative Relationships PART III. POLICY, PARTICIPATION, AND GOVERNANCE 8. Software as Governance 9. Lessons Learned from the E-Voting Pilots in the United Kingdom 10. Designing E-Government: Exploring the Potential of New Information and Communication Technology Paradigms for Democratic Purposes PART IV. INFRASTRUCTURE, INTEROPERABILITY, AND SERVICES 11. Conceptualizing Information Integration in Government 12. Organizing Integrated Service Delivery: Comparing and Evaluating Orchestration Arrangements Using Multicriteria Analysis 13. Semantic E-Government: Implementing the Next Generation of Information and Process Integration 14. Emerging IT Infrastructures for E-Government: A Status Report on China, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea 15. Modeling the Relationship between Web-site Effectiveness and Service Quality: A Study of State Level Human Services Agencies 16. Frameworks for Fostering Cross-Agency Interoperability in E-Government Initiatives