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Circulatory - Mammals, birds and reptiles

Print Book, Multiple Languages, 1808-1927
32 volumes in 1. illustrations, plates, diagrams 27 cm
1877. Jacquart, H. Mémoire sur les organes de la circulation chez le Serpent Python
1888. Gasch, F.R. Beiträge zur vergleichenden Anatomie des Herzens der Vögel und Reptilien
1889. Stöhr, P. Ueber die Lymphknötchen des Darmes
1890. Hochstetter, F. Über die Entwicklung der Extremitätsvenen bei den Amnioten
1898. Hochstetter, F. Über die Arterien des Darmkanals der Saurier
1893. Davenport, C.B. Note on the carotids and the ductus botalli of the Alligator
1894. Langer, A. Über die Entwicklungsgeschichte des Bulbus cordis bei Amphibien und Reptilien
1894. Langer, A. Zur Entwicklungsgeschichte des Bulbus cordis bei Vögeln und Säugethieren
1900. McClure, C.F.W. The variations of the venous system in Didelphys virginiana
1906. McClure, C.F.W.A contribution to the anatomy and development of the venous system of Didelphys marsupialis (L.). Part II: development
1908. McClure, C.F.W. The development of the thoracic and right lymphatic ducts in the domestic car (Felis domestica)
1904. Potter, P.A heart presenting a septum across the left auricle. 1905. Stromsten, F.A.A contribution to the anatomy and development of the venous system of Chelonia
1911. Stromsten, F.A. The development of the lymph channels in turtles by the fusion of mesenchymal spaces
1911. Stromsten, F.A. On the relations between the mesenchymal spaces and the development of the posterior lymph hearts of turtles
1907. Bruner, H.L. On the cephalic veins and sinuses of reptiles, with description of a mechanism for raising the venous blood-pressure in the head
1907. Huntington, G.S. The interpretation of variations of the postcava and tributaries of the adult cat, based on their development
1907. Huntington, G.S. Development of postcava and tributaries in the domestic cat
1912. O'Donoghue, C.H. The circulatory system of the common grass-snake (Tropidonotus natrix)
1914. Mangold, E. Die Erregungsleitung im Wirbeltierherzen
1914. Emmel, V.E. Concerning certain cytological characteristics of the erythroblasts in the pig embryo, and the origin of non-nucleated erthrocytes by a process of cytoplasmic constriction
1916. Emmel, V.E. The cell clusters in the dorsal aorta of mammalian embryos. 1917. Emmel, V.E. Observations regarding the erythrocytic origin of blood platelets
1917. Emmel, V.E.A study of the erythrocytes in a case of severe anemia with elongated and sickle-shaped red blood corpuscles
1915. Laurens, H. The connecting systems of the reptile heart
1919. Wilder, I.W. An anomaly in the portal circulation of the cat
1921. Foote, J.S. The circulatory system in bone
1926. Thompson, I.M. What is the significance of the speen?
1927. Thompson, I.M.A note concerning the radiographic differentiation between diploic and meningeal vascular channels
1808. Wrisbergii, H.A. Observationes anatomicae de corde testvdinis marinae mydas dictae
1833. Baer, K.E.v. Über die Geflechte, in welche sich einige grössere Schlagadern der Säugethiere früh auflösen
1870. Fritsch, A. Zur Anatomie der Elephanten-Schildkröte (Testudo elephantina)
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For the most part extracts from scientific publications