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Statistical account of Upper Canada

Print Book, English, 1822
Published by Simpkin & Marshall ..., London, 1822
2 volumes : maps (1 columns, 1 folded) ; 24 cm
V.1. Sketches of Upper Canada (history, geography, climate, resources, government, and social and economic conditions to 1817); Township reports of Upper Canada (includes Lower Canada)
v. 2. Constitution of Upper Canada. Statutes. Civil List. The Church
Engraved title pages, illustrated
A third volume was projected by the author but apparently never published. cf. "Explanation of the map": v. 1, p. [i]; v. 2, p. xv
An introductory volume was published by Gourlay the same year under title: General introduction to Statistical account of Upper Canada ..
The "Sketches of Upper Canada" in v. 1 are said to have been written, in whole or in part, by Barnabas Bidwell. cf. Edwin M. Bidwell, Genealogy ... of the Bidwell family, 1884, p. 87; Gagnon, Essai de bibl. canad., 1895, no. 1535
Signatures: v. 1, a⁸, b⁴, B-Z⁸, AA-RR⁸, SS², ( -SS₂); v. 2, A⁸, B⁴, B-Z⁸, AA-YY⁸, a-h⁸, i²
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