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Sande's HIV/AIDS medicine : medical management of AIDS 2012

Access the latest information available in the challenging area of HIV/AIDS management with this 2nd Edition. Authored by a veritable "who's who" of current global experts in the field, this medical reference book will provide you with all the practical, indispensable guidance you'll need to offer your patients the best possible care. Access reliable, up-to-the-minute guidance that addresses the realities of HIV/AIDS management in your geographical region, thanks to contributions from a global cast of renowned expert clinicians and researchers. Locate the clinically actionable information you need quickly with an organization that mirrors the current state of the AIDS epidemic and the different needs of Western vs. developing-world patients and clinicians. Get the most relevant information available on pediatric HIV and AIDS issues; anti-retroviral drugs, including integrase inhibitors; and the use of second- and third-line anti-retroviral drugs in resource-poor settings. Stay current on the latest actionable information, such as using antiretroviral therapy in patients with tuberculosis and drug-resistant tuberculosis; antiretroviral therapy; immune reconstitution inflammatory syndromes (IRIS); and implementation of the HPV vaccine
Print Book, English, ©2012
Elsevier Saunders, [Philadelphia, Pa.?], ©2012
xv, 580 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
9781455706952, 1455706957
Sect. 1. Epidemiology and biology of HIV infection. The global epidemiology of HIV/AIDS / Irum Zaidi, Kevin M. De Cock
The origins and diversification of HIV / Michael Worobey, Guan-Zhu Han
Molecular biology of HIV: implications for new therapies / Warner C. Greene, B. Matija Peterlin, Matthew H. Stremlau
The immune response to HIV / Clive M. Gray [and others]
Vital and host determinants of HIV-1 disease progression / Daniëlle van Manen, Angélique B. van 't Wout, Hanneke Schuitemaker
Acute HIV infection / Anthony D. Kelleher, David A. Cooper
Biology of HIV-1 transmission / Julie Overbaugh
Sect. 2. Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of HIV infection. The design of a global HIV vaccine / Jerome H. Kim, Nelson L. Michael
HIV prevention / Salim S. Abdool Karim
Laboratory testing for HIV infection / James C. Shepherd, Oliver Laeyendecker, Thomas C. Quinn
Overview of antiretroviral therapy / Susa Coffey, Paul A. Volberding
Development and transmission of HIV drug resistance / Mark A. Wainberg, Gerasimos J. Zaharotos
Pharmacology of antiretroviral drugs / Concepta Merry, Charles W. Flexner
Complications resulting from antiretroviral therapy for HIV infection / David Nolan, Simon Mallal, Peter Reiss
Sect. 3. Diseases associated with HIV infection. Oral complications of HIV infection / John S. Greenspan, Deborah Greenspan. Ocular manifestations of AIDS / James P. Dunn
Gobal HIV and dermatology / Toby Maurer, Robert Michelleti
gastrointestinal disorders in HIV including diarrhea / Marie-Louise C. Vachon, Douglas T. Dieterich
Primary neurological manifestation of HIV/AIDS / David B. Clifford, Mengesha A. Teshome
Psychiatric barriers and the international AIDS epidemic / Chiadi U. Onyike, Andrew F. Angelino, Glenn J. Treisman
Cardiovascular complciations of HIV infection / Rakesh K. Mishra
Endocrine complications of HIV infection / Steven A. Taylor, Carl Grunfeld, Morris Schambelan
Renal complictions of HIV infection / Jula K. Inrig [and others]
Pneumocystis pneumonia / Robert J. Blount, J. Lucian Davis, Laurence Huang
Other HIV-related pneumonias / John G. Bartlett
HIV-associated tuberculosis / Leyla Azis, Edward C. Jones-López, Jerrold J. Ellner
Disseminated Mycobacterium avium complex and other atypical mycobacterial infections / Mark A. Jacobson
Candida in HIV infection / William G. Powderly
Cryptococcosis and oather fungal infections (histoplasmosis and coccidioidomycosis) in HIV-infected patients / Kathleen R. Page, Richard E. Chaisson, Merle Sande. Infection due to Penicillium marneffei / Thira Sirisanthana, Khuanchai Supparatpinyo
AIDS-associated toxoplasmosis / Pablo A. Moncada, Jose G. Montoya
Hepatitis virus infections / Marion G. Peters, Monika Sarkar
Bartonella infections in HIV-infected individuals / Jane E. Koehler
Management of herpesvirus infections (cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex virus, and varicella-zoster virus) / W. Lawrence Drew, Kim S. Erlich
HIV-associated malignancies / Ronald T. Mitsuyasu
STDs and syphilis / Elysia Larson, Jeffrey D. Klausner
Sect. 4. Prevention and management. Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV-1 / Lynne M. Mofenson
Managing HIV infection in children and adolescents / Elizabeth H. Doby, Andrew T. Pavia
Special issues regarding women with HIV infection / Ruth M. Greenblatt, Monica Gandhi
HIV disease among substance users: treatment issues / R. Douglas Bruce, Frederick L. Altice, Gerald Friedland
The HIV-infected international traveler / Malcolm John