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The Seamless Bible : the Events of the New Testament in Chronological Order

At Last, The Story of Christ and His ApostlesÉTold as it was LIVED. The Seamless Bible breathes new life into the New Testament to impact the lives of yet another generation of believers. This timeless story has been reorganized to follow the events of Jesus and His followers as they were experienced. The Seamless Bible presents these chronicles of the original translationÑfor the first time everÑin a seamless chronological order as they happened. Adapted from the King James Version, the fabric of the Gospel has been rewoven into an easy-to-read narra
eBook, English, 2011
Destiny Image, Inc., Shippensburg, 2011
1 online resource (1012 pages)
9780768492859, 0768492858
Cover; Copyright; Dedication; Acknowledgment; Endorsements; Table of Contents; To the Reader; Excerpt from "Miriam" by John Greenleaf Whittier; The Journey Of Christ; Part 1: Birth and Childhood; Chapter 1: The Great Announcement; Chapter 2: The Promise Fulfilled; Chapter 3: The Protected Childhood; Part 2: Public Preparation; Chapter 4: The Great Beginning; Chapter 5: The First Followers; Chapter 6: First Ministry at Jerusalem; Chapter 7: The First Believers; Part 3: Miracles in Galilee; Chapter 8: Jesus Begins His Ministry; Chapter 9: Ministry in Nearby Towns. Chapter 10: Second Ministry at JerusalemChapter 11: Ministry at Capernaum; Part 4: The Sermon on the Mount; Chapter 12: Blessings of the New Life; Chapter 13: Blessings of God; Chapter 14: Blessings of Wisdom; Part 5: Purpose and Parables; Chapter 15: Jesus and John the Baptist; Chapter 16: Kingdom of God vs. Kingdom of Darkness; Chapter 17: Parables by the Sea; Chapter 18: Miracles by the Sea; Chapter 19: Authority Given to the Apostles; Chapter 20: Training the Apostles; Chapter 21: Teaching the Apostles; Part 6: Early Revelations; Chapter 22: Widening the Ministry. Chapter 23: Mysteries of the MinistryChapter 24: Children in God's Kingdom; Chapter 25: Coming Together in Jesus' Name; Part 7: Doctrines of Truth; Chapter 26: Third Ministry at Jerusalem; Chapter 27: Ministering in Jerusalem; Chapter 28: Jesus' Ministry Multiplies; Chapter 29: Words of Truth to the Pharisees; Chapter 30: The Keys of the Kingdom; Chapter 31: Jesus Answers His Adversaries; Chapter 32: Fourth Ministry at Jerusalem; Part 8: Serving and Servitude; Chapter 33: The Cost of Serving; Chapter 34: The Responsibilities of Serving; Chapter 35: Lazarus Raised From the Dead. Part 9: Final JourneyChapter 36: Living the Kingdom Life; Chapter 37: Gaining Eternal Life; Chapter 38: Gaining Spiritual Life; Part 10: Last Supper; Chapter 39: The Final Entry; Chapter 40: The Final Lessons; Chapter 41: Wise Answers to Sly Questions; Chapter 42: Blunt Words to the Hypocrites; Chapter 43: The End Times; Chapter 44: The Evil Plot Awaits; Chapter 45: The Last Supper; Chapter 46: What Must Be Will Be; Chapter 47: The Precious Promises; Chapter 48: The Eternal Connection; Chapter 49: The Promise to Return; Chapter 50: The Intercessory Prayer; Part 11: Betrayal, Trial, Death. Chapter 51: The Trial Before DawnChapter 52: The Roman Trial; Chapter 53: The Darkest Day; Part 12: Resurrection and Ascension; Chapter 54: The Brightest Dawn; Chapter 55: The Great Commission; Chapter 56: Genealogy of Jesus; The Journey of The Apostles; Part 13: Emergence of the Apostles; Chapter 57: The Coming of the Holy Ghost; Chapter 58: Preaching and Persecution; Chapter 59: Deceivers and Decisions; Chapter 60: Martyrdom of a Disciple; Part 14: Conversion of Believers; Chapter 61: Conversion of an Ethiopian; Chapter 62: Conversion of the Former Enemy
Chapter 63: Conversion of Willing Gentiles