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Register of children, 1878-1962

Since 1877 the Reformatory Prison for Women under successive names has had as its function the punishment and rehabilitation of female offenders. Until 1958 it was possible for children of inmates (either born while mother was an inmate or admitted with mother) to stay at the reformatory with their mothers (St 1958, c 588). This register was created to record information concerning these children. Information includes mother's inmate case number, name of child, date of birth, and whether child was born at reformatory or admitted with mother. Starting in 1916, date child was discharged or date of child's death (if this occurred while mother was an inmate) is also recorded. Additional information relating to inmates' children can be found in Register of children admitted to reformatory ((M-Ar)828X), Register of births ((M-Ar)516X), and Inmate case files ((M-Ar)515)
Archival Material, English, 1878