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The bishop reformed : studies of episcopal power and culture in the central Middle Ages

John S. Ott (Editor), Anna Trumbore Jones (Editor)
Discusses issues such as episcopal (self-)representation, conceptualization of office and authority, cultural production (images, texts, material objects, space) and ecclesiology/ideology. This book contends that ideas about episcopal office and conduct were conditioned by and contingent upon time, place, and pastoral constituency.
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Ashgate, Aldershot, ©2007
Pastorale generale La Diocesi - Strutture e organismi - Il Vescovo-pastore
xiv, 280 p. : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780754657651, 0754657655
Contents: Introduction: the bishop reformed, John S. Ott and Anna Trumbore Jones; Lay magnates, religious houses, and the role of the bishop in Aquitaine (877-1050), Anna Trumbore Jones; Bishops and religious law, 900-1050, Greta Austin; Sovereignty and social order: Archbishop Wulfstan and the Institutes of Polity, Renée R. Trilling; The image of the bishop in the Middle Ages, Eric Palazzo; Building the body of the Church; a bishop's blessing in the Benedictional of Engilmar of Parenzo, Evan A. Gatti; Bishop Gerard I of Cambrai-Arras, the 3 orders, and the problem of human weakness, T.M. Riches; 'Both Mary and Martha': Bishop Lietbert of Cambrai and the construction of episcopal sanctity in a border diocese around 1100, John S. Ott; Driving the chariot of the Lord: Siegfried I of Mainz (1060-1084) and episcopal identity in an age of transition, John Eldevik; Pastoral care as military action: the ecclesiology of Archbishop Alfanus I of Salerno (1058-1085), Valerie Ramseyer; What made Ivo mad? Reflections on a medieval bishop's anger, Bruce C. Brasington; The bishops of Piacenza, their cathedral, and the reform of the Church, Dorothy F. Glass; Urban space, sacred topography, and ritual meanings in Florence: the route of the bishop's entry, c1200-1600, Maureen C. Miller; Postscript: the ambiguous bishop, Thomas Head; Index.