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Maya : divine kings of the rain forest

Nikolai Grube (Editor), Eva Eggebrecht (Editor), Matthias Seidel (Editor)
Sunken cities in the jungle and towering temple pyramids reflect only a small portion of our knowledge about Mayan culture. This fascinating people achieved the landmarks of an advanced civilization. This book covers a range of topics ranging from the origins of Mayan culture all the way to modernity.
Print Book, English, 2012
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H.f.ullmann, Potsdam, Germany, 2012
479 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), color maps, portraits (some color) ; 32 cm
9783848000340, 3848000342
Map of the Maya Region
Prologue / Nikolai Grube
Volcanoes and jungle - a richly varied habitat / Nikolai Grube
Cacao - the beverage of the gods / Nikolai Grube
The origins of Maya civilization - the beginnings of village life / Norman Hammond
Obsidian - the metal of the Maya / Nikolai Grube
The first cities - the beginnings of urbanization and state formation in the Maya lowlands / Richard D. Hansen
Jade - the green gold of the Maya / Elisabeth Wagner
Maya agriculture / Peter D. Harrison - Tortillas and tamales - the food of the maize people and their gods / Marta Grube
From chiefdoms to statehood in the highlands of Guatemala / Federico Fahsen
The insignia of power / Nikolai Grube
Power of the west - the Maya and Teotihuacan / Simon Martin
Hieroglyphs - the gateway to history / Nikolai Grube
Bark paper books / Nikolai Grube
Astronomy and mathematics / Alexander W. Voss
Solar eclipses - fearing the end of the world / Nikolai Grube
The dynastic history of the Maya / Nikolai Grube and Simon Martin
Marriage diplomacy - women at the royal court / Stefanie Teufel
Under a deadly star - warfare among the classic Maya / Simon Martin
A game of life and death - the Maya ball game / Pierre R. Colas and Alexander Voss
Unity in space and time - the Maya architecture / Annegrete Hohmann-Vogrin
The history of a Maya settlement research results from the excavations at Xkipche / Michael Vallo
Maya architecture at Tikal / Peter D. Harrison
Processions, pilgrims, and load-carriers - the ceremonial roads / Markus Eberl
Understanding the murals of Bonampak / Mary Miller
Grave robbers in the jungle / Nikolai Grube
The art of classic vase paintings / Dorie Reents-Budet
The classic Maya gods / Karl Taube
Court dwarfs - the companions of rulers and envoys of the underworld / Christian Prager
Maya creation myths and cosmography / Elizabeth Wagner
Intoxication and ecstacy / Nikolai Grube
Uncovering the dark secrets of the Maya - the archeology of Maya caves / James E. Brady
Jaina - the island necropolis / Christian Prager
Death and conception of the soul / Markus Eberl
Long twilight or new dawn? Transformations of Maya civilization in the Puuc region / Nicholas P. Dunning
...and then it was sculpted, the precious stone - the Maya stonemasons and sculptors / Elisabeth Wagner
The dynamics of maturing statehood in postclassic Maya civilization / Marilyn Masson
The art of weaving / Stefanie Teufel
The martial dynasties - the postclassic in the Maya highlands / Frauke Sachse
The Spanish conquest of Yucatan and Guatemala in the 16th and 17th centuries / Christian Prager
Kanek' - the last king of the Itzaj Maya / Temis Vayhinger-Scheer
Between conformity and rebellion - the Maya society in the colonial period (1546-1811) / Antje Gunsenheimer
The search for evidence - the scientific discovery of the Maya / Eva Eggebrecht
Maya cities - lost, excavated, and conserved / Markus Eberl
Maya today - from Indios deprived of rights to the Maya movement / Nikolai Grube