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Professional civility : communicative virtue at work

The crisis of incivility plaguing today’s workplace calls for an approach to communication that restores respect and integrity to interpersonal encounters in organizational life. Professional civility is a communicative virtue that protects and promotes productivity, one’s place of employment, and persons with whom we carry out our tasks in the workplace. Drawn from the history of professions as dignified occupations providing valuable contributions to the human community, an understanding of civility as communicative virtue, and MacIntyre’s treatment of practices, professional civility supports the «practice» of professions in contemporary organizations. A communicative ethic of professional civility requires attentiveness to the task at hand, support of an organization’s mission, and appropriate relationships with others in the workplace. Professional civility fosters communicative habits of the heart that extend beyond the walls of the workplace, encouraging a return to the service ethic that remains an enduring legacy of the professions in the United States
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Introduction: a framework for professional civility
Virtue ethics and the professions
The tradition of profession as practice
The communicative virtue of civility
Professional civility as communicative virtue of work
A pragmatic case for the effects of communication in the workplace
Protecting and promoting productivity
Protecting and promoting the good of place
Protecting and promoting the good of persons
Conclusion: Protecting and promoting professions