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A grammar of Tshangla

A Grammar of Tshangla is the first major linguistic description of Tshangla, a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in Bhutan, northeast India, and southwest China. Written from a functional-typological perspective, it contains a wealth of illustrative examples both from elicited data and from spontaneously generated texts. It is a truly comprehensive description, including sections on phonology, lexicon, morphophonemics, morphosyntactic structure, clause-concatenating constructions, as well as discourse-pragmatic features. The volume will be of interest to language students, and to linguists and eth
eBook, English, 2010
Brill, Leiden, 2010
1 online resource (x, 488 pages)
9789047440628, 9781282949973, 9047440625, 1282949977
List of Tables; List of Figures; List of Morpheme Glosses; Acknowdedgements; Chapter One Introduction; Chapter Two Phonology; Chapter Three Lexicon and Word Classes; Chapter Four Morphophonemics; Chapter Five Noun Phrase; Chapter Six The Clause, Syntactic Roles and Transitivity; Chapter Seven Case Marking; Chapter Eight Sentence, Clause and Predicate; Chapter Nine Sentence Types and Sentence Moods; Chapter Ten Finite Clauses: Tense, Aspect and Mirativity; Chapter Eleven Relative Clauses; Chapter Twelve Other Embedded Clauses; Chapter Thirteen Adverbial Clauses