Front cover image for Print in motion : the expension of publishing and reading in the United States, 1880-1940

Print in motion : the expension of publishing and reading in the United States, 1880-1940

Carl F. Kaestle (Editor), Janice A. Radway (Editor)
Print Book, English, 2009
Published in association with the American Antiquarian Society by the University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, 2009
1 v. (XVII-669 p.) : illustrations en noir et blanc ; 25 cm
9780807831861, 0807831867
A framework for the history of publishing and reading in the United States, 1880-1940 / Carl F. Kaestle and Janice A. Radway
Seeing the sites : readers, publishers, and local print cultures in 1880 / Carl F. Kaestle
The rise of a national book trade system in the United States / Michael Winship
The expansion of the national book trade system / James L.W. West III
Copyright in transition / Peter Jaszi and Martha Woodmansee
Diverging paths : books and magazines in the transition to corporate capitalism / Richard Ohmann
From partisanship to professionalism : the transformation of the daily press / Richard L. Kaplan
Persistence of vision : partisan journalism in the mainstream press / Michael Schudson
Unruly servants : machines, modernity, and the printed page / Megan Benton
Ambivalent advertising : books, prestige, and the circulation of publicity / Ellen Gruber Garvey
Learned and literary print cultures in an age of professionalization and diversification / Janice A. Radway
Crafting a communications infrastructure : scientific and technical publishing in the United States / Marcel Chotkowski LaFollette
The government as publisher / Charles A. Seavey with Caroline F. Sloat
Gilded-age consensus, repressive campaigns, and gradual liberalization : the shifting rhythms of book censorship / Paul S. Boyer
Distinctive media : the European ethnic press in the United States / Sally M. Miller
Exiles, immigrants, and natives : Hispanic print culture in what became the mainland of the United States / Nicolás Kanellos
Reading, writing, and resisting : African American print culture / James P. Danky
An outpouring of "faithful" words : Protestant publishing in the United States / William Vance Trollinger Jr
Two ambitious goals : American Jewish publishing in the United States / Jonathan D. Sarna
Running the ancient ark by steam : Catholic publishing / Una M. Cadegan
From McGuffey to Dick and Jane : reading textbooks / Richard L. Venezky with Carl F. Kaestle
The American public library : construction of a community reading institution / Wayne A. Wiegand
The great libraries / Phyllis Dain
Aflame with culture : reading and social mission in the nineteenth-century white women's literary club movement / Elizabeth Long
Reading and race pride : the literary activism of Black clubwomen / Elizabeth McHenry
Making meaning : analysis and affect in the study and practice of reading / Joan Shelley Rubin