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Insight : reflections on the gifts of being an introvert

Comprised of short, bite-sized essays that explore the unique energy that comes along with being an introvert living in our noisy world
Print Book, English, ©2012
B. Buelow, [Tacoma, WA?], ©2012
i, 123 pages ; 23 cm
9780985820008, 0985820004
Part one. What it means to be an introvert. The secret life of introverts ; Can we stop with the "introvert=shy" already? ; I am introvert, hear me roar! ; You wanna piece of me? The fierce introvert ; No introversion, denied! ; Rise of the introvert ; Speaking introvert: becoming personality bilingual ; Can being an introvert help you overcome shyness? ; Table for one please ; 7.5 reasons I'm grateful to be an introvert
Part two. Life as an introvert entrepreneur. You miss every shot you don't take ; Quiet cultivation: introverts as leaders ; 4 ways to keep the lifeblood from being sucked out of you at events ; How to kick your analysis by paralysis addition ; The introvert entrepreneur or: how I learned to stop working and love the telephone ; How to know when two heads would be better than one ; What the Eiffel Tower teaches us about process ; You must be present to win: networking for the introvert
Part three. Miscellanea. Weaving in your spirit string ; Life lessons from the lake ; What to do when you have a yucky, mucky, sucky day ; How to eat an elephant ; Why "fake it 'til you make it" is bad advice ; How to stop thinking and start living ; Don't tell me to "step outside my comfort zone" ; What I'll never say "Just do it" ever again ; It really IS a conspiracy ; You know your an introvert when
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Includes reading list (p. 117-119)