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Moment to Moment : Poems of a Mountain Recluse

New England mountain recluse's poems reminiscent of those of the great Chinese and Taoist poet-sages
eBook, English, 2013
Copper Canyon Press, New York, 2013
1 online resource (131 pages)
9781619320031, 1619320037
Cover; Title Page; Note to the Reader; Epigraph; Contents; Part One; How He Writes; What It Is Like to Read the Ancients; Always in These Ancient Chinese Paintings; On the Road to Buddhahood; Part Two; After Thirty Years; Another Kind of Travel; Quiet and Seldom Seen; North Is Nowhere; A Stillness, Absolute, Profound; How; Where I Live; Nothing Much; When I Came to Judevine Mountain; In the Ancient Tradition; The Progress of Ambition; Like the Clouds; The Three Goals; Bathroom Reading: After a Poem by Han Shan; Part Three; After Reading Meng Chiao's"Seeing Off Master T'an." What Would It Be Like?Which of Them Sees More Clearly?; No Trail; Variation on a Theme by Another Recluse WhoAlso Thought about Ambition and the Self; Alone and Lonely; Three Decades; The Story of Chi Mu Chian; Another Lie; As in Ryo ̄kan's Brushwork; You False Masters of Serenity; The Music of My Own Kind Too; For Wang Wei; Home; An Unassuming Grandeur; When I Get Depressed; On My Fifty-eighth Birthday I Write Two Poems; First One:What Keeps Me Here?; Second One:I Am Still Here Because for Example; The Story of Yu-ling; Li Po and Wang Wei; Be Glad. How and Why You Should Be Circumspect about Your Inner LifeDilemma; So Says Wang Wei; How It Is; What's the Difference?; Bugs in a Bowl; Such Self-Indulgence and Sloth!; Ryōkan Was a Beggar; Part Four; After Li Yi; My Face; My Old Woman; After Reading a Poem from The Book of Songs; Letter to Ni Tsan; After Ryōkan's Poem Called "White Hair"; The Cycle of the Seasons; All of Us; Part Five; Trying to Be Who I Already Am; My Fate Is to Rebel; Flawed Verse:After a Poem by Han Shan; An Age of Academic Mandarins; Note to Myself; Which?; Pao Chao and Now. Teapots as Visions of How Poetryand the World Might BePartSIX; The Sixth of January; Snowshoes on Judevine Mountain; Laid Up in Bed; What Happened Today:The Twentieth of January; Haiku and Tanka for Shrike; The First Green of Spring; After a Walk on a Gray, Drizzling, ColdSpring Morning: The Thirtieth of April; What I Did Today:The Sixth of May; During the Warblers' Spring Migration, While Feeling Sorry for Myself for Being Stuck Here, the Dooryard Birds Save Me from My Melancholy; The End of Winter; After Reading Ou-yang Hsiu's Poem Called "Spring Walk to the Pavilion of Good Crops and Peace." What Good Does It Do?All Summer; Ahimsa Next Time MaybeorThe Taoist Mountain RecluseStands in His Summer Garden andSays to the Deerfly About to Bite Him; The Young Woodchuck; To a Friend; Old Red Beard, My Friend; Old Poet Refuses to Leave Home; One Summer Afternoon Many Years Ago While Visiting My Friend Joel, Who Is Dead Now, at HisHouse Which We Called The Depressive Poet's Rehabilitation Center, I Wrote this Poem; After Labor Day; Harmonizing with Tu Fu's "Written on the Wall at Chang's Hermitage"; Autumn and Crickets; For Owl Wing; After Reading Po Chü-i's "Drunk, Facing Crimson Leaves."
Stillness, O Stillness