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Renaissance and renewal in the twelfth century

Print Book, English, 1982
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1982
xxx, 781 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780674760851, 9780674760868, 0674760859, 0674760867
Terms and ideas of renewal / Gerharat B. Ladner
I. Religion: Renewal and reform in religious life: concepts and realities / Giles Constable
The renewal of theology / Jean Leclercq
The reform of the liturgy from a renaissance perspective / Chrysogonus Waddell
II. Education: The schools of Paris and the school of Chartes / R.W. Southern
Masters at Paris from 1179 to 1215: a social perspective / John W. Baldlwin
Commentary and hermeneutics / Nikollaus M. Haring
'Statim invenire': schools, preachers and new attitudes to the page / Richard H. Rouse & Mary A. Rouse
III. Society and the individual: Urban society and culture: Toulouse and its region / John Hine Mundy
The culture of the knightly class: audience and patronage / Georges Duby
Consciousness of self and perceptions of individuality / John F. Benton
IV. Law, politics and history: The revival of jurisprudence ./ Stephan Kuttner
Institutional foundations of the new jurisprudence / Knut Wolfgang Norr
Political 'renovatio': two models from Roman antiquity / Robert L. Benson
'Res gestae', universal history apocalypse: visions of past and future / Peter Classen
V. Philosophy and science: Translations and translators / Marie-Therese d'Alverny
The transformation of the quadrivium / Guy Beaujouan
The culmination of the old logic in Peter Abelard / Norman Kretzmann
Aristotelianism: a twelfth-century meta- physical system and its sources / Stephen Gersh
VI. Literature: Classicism and style in Latin literature / Janet Martin
Profane elements in literature / Peter Dronke
The rise of literary fiction / Per Nykrog
VII. The arts: The new fascination with ancient Rome / Herbert Bloch
The arts as aspects of a Renaissance: Rome and Italy / Ernst Kitzinger
Architecture and the figurative arts: the north / Williblad Sauerlander
Survival, revival, transformation: the dialectic of development in architecture and other arts / Walter Horn
"From a conference held under the auspices of UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Harvard University Committee on Medieval Studies, 26-29 November 1977, Cambridge, Massachusetts, commemorating the contributions by Charles Homer Haskins"--Half title page