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Contract law

Ewan McKendrick (Author)
McKendrick explores the underlying themes and explains the basic rules of English contract law, introducing the current debates about the nature, scope and functions of this law and discussing some of the wider controversies surrounding basic doctrines
Print Book, English, 2013
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Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, 2013
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9781137293701, 1137293705
1 Introduction
Part I The formation and scope of a contract
2 Agreement: clearing the ground
3 Offer and acceptance
4 Certainty and agreement mistakes
5 Consideration and form
6 Intention to create legal relations
7 Third party rights
Part II The content of a contract
8 What is a term?
9 The sources of contractual terms
10 The classification of contractural terms
11 Exclusion clauses
Part III Policing the contract
12 A duty to disclose material facts?
13 Misrepresentation
14 Common mistake and frustration
15 Illegality
16 Capacity
17 Duress, undue influence and inequality of bargaining power
Part IV Performance, discharge and remedies for breach of contract
18 Performance and discharge of the contract
19 Breach of contract
20 Damages for breach of contract
21 Obtaining and adequate remedy
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