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Late Roman pottery

Print Book, English, 1972
British School at Rome, London, 1972
xxvii, 477, 23 pages illustrations, maps 26 cm
9780904152005, 0904152006
1. Introduction: History of the Study of Late Roman Pottery. The Background: Ea`rly Roman Wares
2. African Red Slip Ware
3. Other African Wares
4. African Lamps
5. ̧Candarli Ware
6. 'Late Roman C' Ware
7. Cypriot Red Slip Ware
8. Egyptian Red Slip Wares
9. Gaulish 'T.S. Grise'
10. Other Late Roman Wares
11. Distribution
12. Conclusion
Appendix 1. Late Roman Pottery: Site Bibliography
Appendix 2. African Red Slip Ware: Concordance of Vesel Forms
Appendix 3. Late Roman Pottery: Concordance of Stamp Types on Main Wares
Based on the author's thesis submitted to the University of Cambridge in 1964 with the title: Late Roman pottery in the Mediterranean