Front cover image for Atherosclerosis, clinical evaluation and therapy ; proceedings of the Fourth International Meeting on Atherosclerosis held in Bologna, Italy, 23-25 November 1981

Atherosclerosis, clinical evaluation and therapy ; proceedings of the Fourth International Meeting on Atherosclerosis held in Bologna, Italy, 23-25 November 1981

Print Book, English, 1982
MTP Press, Lancaster [Lancashire], 1982
xix, 498 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
9780852004494, 0852004494
Section 1: Atherosclerosis risk factors and their influence on cardiovascular diseases.- 1 Background paper:Atherosclerosis today.- 2 Plasma lipid and lipoprotein distribution in a Jerusalem population sample. Genetic and environmental effects.- 3 So-called minor risk factors in atherogenesis.- 4 Cardiovascular risk in obesity.- 5 Lipoprotein alterations in alcoholics.- 6 Hyperuricaemia and atherosclerosis.- 7 Atherosclerosis and orthostatic arterial hypotension.- 8 The epidemiology of high density lipoproteins: The Lipid Research Clinics Program Prevalence Study.- Section 2: Modern aetiopathogenetic aspects and therapeutic reflexes: from atherosclerosis to angina to myocardial infarction.- 9 Background paper: Possible connections between classic and new aetiopathogenetic tendencies in coronary heart disease.- 10 Ultrastructural views during myocardial ischaemia.- 11 Provocative tests for coronary arterial spasm in patients with ischaemic heart disease.- 12 Altered arachidonic acid metabolism in platelets and in vessel wall in patients with ischaemic heart disease.- 13 Fatty-acid transport in the myocardium.- 14 The ischaemic area: evaluation and attempts to limit extension.- 15 The good and bad of lowering serum cholesterol.- Section 3: Atherosclerosis and vascular brain disease.- 16 Background paper: Atherosclerosis in the world: the European point of view.- 17 Heart-brain relationship: cerebral ischaemia in six additional cases with mitral-valve prolapse.- 18 Cerebral circulation and metabolism with positron emission tomography: ischaemia redefined?.- 19 Cerebral ischaemia: systemic risk factors and their prevention.- 20 Clinical and neuropsychological aspects of chronic cerebrovascular disorders.- 21 Treatment and pathogenesis of cerebrocircular disturbances in patients with heart disease and arrhythmia.- 22 Therapeutic prospects of acute cerebral ischaemia.- Section 4: Soy protein in the prevention of atherosclerosis.- 23 Background paper: Dietary proteins and atherosclerosis.- 24 Experimental and clinical studies on the cholesterol lowering activity of the soybean protein diet.- 25 Hypocholesterolaemic effects of soy protein in relation to amino-acid composition: experimental researches.- 26 Hormonal effects of soybean protein diet.- 27 Hepatobiliary effects of soybean protein diet.- 28 Treatment of hypercholesterolaemic patients with soybean protein.- Section 5: Non-invasive techniques in the study of ischaemic heart disease.- 29 Background paper: Exercise electrocardiograms in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease.- 30 Radionuclide techniques in the study of ischaemic heart disease.- 31 Diagnostic visualization of ischaemic myocardium.- Section 6: Epidemiology, primary and secondary prevention studies of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.- 32 Background paper: The role of dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids and prostaglandins in reducing blood pressure and improving thrombogenic indices.- 33 Epidemiology and prevention of coronary heart disease in North Karelia: results from the North Karelia project and associated studies with special reference to nutrition and serum cholesterol.- 34 Coronary risk factors and mortality for coronary and non-coronary events.- 35 Precursors of atherosclerosis in children; the Cittadella Study: familial aggregation of serum cholesterol.- 36 The Brisighella Study.- 37 Lipoprotein profile in a group of young people on regular physical activity (ISEF study).- Section 7: Suloctidil: experimental and clinical findings.- 38 Background paper: Brain ageing and dopaminergic drugs: a possible pharmacological profile for suloctidil.- 39 Clinical study on the action of suloctidil in cerebrovascular syndromes. A multi-centre investigation.- 40 Treatment of chronic cerebrovascular disorders.- 41 Association of surgical and medical therapy in cerebral ischaemia.- 42 Medical treatment of peripheral vascular disease.- 43 Suloctidil in intermittent claudication: clinical and plethysmography results.- Section 8: Peripheral artery diseases.- 44 Background paper: Metabolic and haemorheological aspects in ischaemia of the lower limbs.- 45 The identification of the variation of atherosclerosis plaques by invasive and non-invasive methods.- 46 Coronary artery bypass as treatment in angina pectoris.- 47 Surgery in the therapy of atherosclerosis: partial ileal bypass.- Concluding remarks.