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2061 : odyssey three

The third book in Clarke's beloved Space Odyssey series, 2061: Odyssey Three returns to Heywood Floyd, survivor of two previous encounters with the mysterious monoliths and the alien intelligences behind them. Floyd is chosen as one of a handful of celebrity guests to witness the first manned touchdown on the surface of Halley's Comet on the privately-owned spaceship Universe. But the touchdown is not fated to go as planned. On Jupiter's moon Europa, which has undergone a transformation after events at the end of 2010: Odyssey Two, scientists have spotted the sudden growth of a gigantic, asymmetrical mountain determined to be one single enormous diamond-a fragment of Jupiter's core. The Universe's sister ship, Galaxy, is hijacked and forced to crash into Europa's ocean-and the Universe is diverted from its original mission to rescue the crew. In this book, Heywood Floyd must once again survive an encounter with HAL, David Bowman, and the mysterious monolith-building race with its own hidden agenda-that will shape the destiny of the human race
eBook, English, 2012, ©1987
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RosettaBooks, New York, 2012, ©1987
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""Cover""; ""Title Page""; ""Copyright""; ""Dedication""; ""Contents""; ""Foreword""; ""Author�s Note""; ""I THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN""; ""1. The Frozen Years""; ""2. First Sight""; ""3. Reentry""; ""4. Tycoon""; ""5. Out of the Ice""; ""6. The Greening of Ganymede""; ""7. Transit""; ""8. Starfleet""; ""9. Mount Zeus""; ""10. Ship of Fools""; ""11. The Lie""; ""12. Oom Paul""; ""13. “No One Told Us to Bring Swimsuits��""; ""14. Search""; ""II THE VALLEY OF BLACK SNOW""; ""15. Rendezvous""; ""16. Touchdown""; ""17. The Valley of Black Snow""; ""18. Old Faithful"" ""19. At the End of the Tunnel""""20. Recall""; ""III EUROPAN ROULETTE""; ""21. The Politics of Exile""; ""22. Hazardous Cargo""; ""23. Inferno""; ""24. Shaka the Great""; ""25. The Shrouded World""; ""26. Night Watch""; ""27. Rosie""; ""28. Dialog""; ""29. Descent""; ""30. Galaxy Down""; ""31. The Sea of Galilee""; ""IV AT THE WATER HOLE""; ""32. Diversion""; ""33. Pit Stop""; ""34. Car Wash""; ""35. Adrift""; ""36. The Alien Shore""; ""V THROUGH THE ASTEROIDS""; ""37. Star""; ""38. Icebergs of Space""; ""39. The Captain�s Table""; ""40. Monsters from Earth"" ""41. Memoirs of a Centenarian""""42. Minilith""; ""VI HAVEN""; ""43. Salvage""; ""44. Endurance""; ""45. Mission""; ""46. Shuttle""; ""47. Shards""; ""48. Lucy""; ""VII THE GREAT WALL""; ""49. Shrine""; ""50. Open City""; ""51. Phantom""; ""52. On the Couch""; ""53. Pressure Cooker""; ""54. Reunion""; ""55. Magma""; ""56. Perturbation Theory""; ""57. Interlude on Ganymede""; ""VIII THE KINGDOM OF SULFUR""; ""58. Fire and Ice""; ""59. Trinity""; ""IX 3001""; ""60. Midnight in the Plaza""; ""ACKNOWLEDGMENTS""; ""POSTSCRIPT""