Front cover image for Becoming right : how campuses shape young conservatives

Becoming right : how campuses shape young conservatives

Demonstrates the power that campus culture has in developing students' conservative political styles and shows that young conservatives are made, not born. This title explores who conservative students are, and how their beliefs and political activism relate to their university experiences.
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xvii, 399 p.
9780691145372, 0691145377
Who are conservative students?
Sponsored conservatism: the landscape of national conservative organizations
How conservatives think about campus: the effects of college reputations, social scenes, and academics on student experience
Provoking liberals and campaigning for republicans: two conservative styles at the Western public universities
Civilized discourse, highbrow provocation, and a fuller embrace of campaigning: three conservative styles at Eastern elite university
Conservative femininity
The theory behind the findings: how studying college conservatives extends our understanding of higher education, politics, and culture