Front cover image for Beauty is a verb : the new poetry of disability

Beauty is a verb : the new poetry of disability

Jennifer Bartlett (Editor), Sheila Black (Editor), Michael Northen (Editor)
Print Book, English, cop. 2011
Cinco Puntos Press, El Paso (Tex.), cop. 2011
383 p. ; 23 cm
9781935955054, 1935955055
Preface / Jennifer Bartlett ; A short history of American disability poetry / Michael Northen ; Missing Larry : the poetics of disability in Larry Eigner / Michael Davidson ; Six poems / Larry Eigner ; From Codeine diary. The hemophiliac's motorcycle / Tom Andrews ; Swimming on concrete : the poetry of Vassar Miller / Jill Alexander Essbaum ; If I had wheels or love. Dramatic monologue in the speaker's own voice. The common core. Subterfuge / Vassar Miller ; Less. Proem. Stiege / Robert Fagan ; The voice of "reason" / Susan Schweik ; Doll. Album. Motive. Intensives. Payment /Josephone Miles ; Keeping the knives sharp. Poet of cripples. Normal. Poems with disabilities. From the surgeons : Drs. Sofield, Louis, Hank, Alfini, Millar, Baehr, Bevan-Thomas, Tsatsos, Erickson, and Brennan. Lost Hyoid / Jim Ferris ; From Staring back : The disability experience from the inside out. Excavation. Body language. Beauty and variations / Kenny Fries ; The sound of the bones. The origin of my wheelchair. Crip music. From Speherical song cycle / Petra Kuppers ; Line breaks the way I see them. School for the blind. Broken reverie. About Chester Kowalski I don't know much. A few things / Daniel Simpson ; Getting comfortable. Working together. Telling. Morning. Thousand island / Laura Hershey ; From The disability rights movement and the legacy of poets with disabilities. The amputee's guide to sex. The old questions. The devotee. The body in pain / Jillian Weise ; Helen Keller : Obsession and muse. On the subway. Ashes : Rome, 1946. She loved hot dogs so much. The sun is warm : Nagasaki, 1948 / Kathi Wolfe ; Translating and reading ASL poetry. Deaf blind : Three squared Cinquain. Clamor. Beach baseball. Long goodbyes / John Lee Clark ; And now I see. Mosquito. It had only been dead a few hours. Other good. And not more may I be ; Alex Lemon ; Reshaping the outline. Hypoesthesia. The shaking. Seizure, or seduction of persephone. Dysaesthesia / Laurie Clements Lambeth ; Lying meditation. 5 poems from The empty form goes all the way to heaven / Brian Teare ; A conscious decision. Hemiplegia. No. Prologue. Because you can't see my photographs. We are everywhere / Ona Gritz ; Digressions on poetry, prose and a Lingonberry bush. Letter to Borges from Houston, Texas. Borges : They are knocking the wind out of me in Iowa City. Letter Borges from Estonia. Letter to Borges in his parlor. Only bread, only light / Stephen Kuusisto ; Waiting to be dangerous : Disability and confessionalism. Playing dead. What you mourn. Reconstruction. Objects waiting to be dangerous / Sheila Black. Listening sideways to the beat of a poem. Consonants. Instructions to hearing persons desiring a deaf man. Ablutions of the tongue. Hummingbirds / Raymond Luczak ; River creature. Cosseted. Accoutrements. The examining table / Anne Kaier ; Zombies are loose. A step above cows. Legal drugs. A famous ball player. Avoiding rigidity / Hal Sirowitz ; Mapping Caesura : The encompassing body. From The relenting : A play of sorts. Wicker-work : A sestina for Zukofsky. My inquietude constrained briefly by Louise Bogan. The Undering and other great inhumanities on 3.6 acres / Lisa Gill ; Why I am not a translator ; Take 2. Speech production : Themes and variations / Norma Cole ; On a line by Willie McTell. From Giscome Road (Northern Road, 2). From Prairies style : Two monster poems / C.S. Giscombe ; From My notebook has a rigid spine or how to operate the body in writing. Bunny baby fast and slow / Amber DiPietra ; "Hearing a pear" : The poetry reading on a new frequency. Afraid of the rake. The magic word is Partager. Spelling down. Theodore Enslin, poet of Maine / Ellen McGrath Smith ; Oulipo at the laundromat. Plaza series.1. The lost word association . 26 tries. Crane of angles / Denise Leto ; Exit through the gift shop. 5 poems from Autobiography / Jennifer Bartlett ; The creature within : On poetry and dis/ability. Green surrounds the mind of summer. In a mute season. Radical optimism / Cynthia Hogue ; Meat life. In this plate my illness is visible. In this plate my illness is a wire that can easily cut meat and bone. In this plate I receive my first diagnosis. In this plate my traumadome has come unzippered. In this plate my illness splits time / Danielle Pafunda. To saturate the matter of the present. Ill-timed (23.1) & Ill-timed (24.2). Ill-timed (24.3). Ill-timed (24.4). Ill-timed (24.5) / Rusty Morrison ; Body maps and distraction zones. (Muted domestic pornography). 3. (Corporeal punishment). (Forced feeding 1) / David Wolach ; Benign bone tumor city. Self-portrait with framing effect. Breton's song of the lark. Fairytale : How spring comes to the land of snow and icicles. (Dream map). Wanting to be a girl / Kara Dorris ; Poetics/"Exhibits". Exhibit "H". Exhibit "U" / Gretchen E. Henderson ; Statement on poetics. Sonnet Edmund Leites. 4th of July demon moped. Chosca mass tinek. Eyjafjallajokull / Bernadette Mayer