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Inside paragraphs : typographic fundamentals

Cyrus Highsmith (Author, Type designer), Font Bureau (Publisher)
Print Book, English, cop. 2012
Font Bureau, Boston, cop. 2012
Typefaces (Type evidence) Ibis Text
102 str. : ilustr. ; 14 x 22 cm.
9780965472203, 0965472205
How type works
How we read
Letter space
Word space & line space
Paragraph settings
Fine tuning
The body text in this book is set in Ibis Text. The headings are set in Scout. Both Ibis and Scout are original typeface series drawn by Cyrus Highsmith, available from Font Bureau. The captions were hand-lettered. The book was designed by Cyrus HIghsmith with help from Kent Lew. They used Adobe InDesign. Cyrus Highsmith drew the illustrations using all sorts of tools including a pencil, Adobe Photoshop, and RoboFont. --> Kolofon