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The British prose writers

John Sharpe (Publisher)
Print Book, English, 1819
John Sharpe, London, 1819
25 volumes : portraits ; 14 cm
l. Lord Bacon's essays. Lord Clarendon's essays
2. Sheldon's table talk. Sir W. Blackstone's analysis of the laws of England
3. Cowley's essays. Shenstone's essays
4. Sir W. Temple's essays
5. Locke's Conduct of the understanding. Boyle's Reflections
6. Lady Russell's letters
7. Lady M.W. Montagu's Letters from Constantinople
8. Lady M.W. Montagu's Letters from France and Italy
9. Fitzosborne's letters
10. Goldsmith's Essay and Bee
11. Talbot's Reflecgtions, essays, etc
12. Gray's letters
13. Junius's letters
14 De Lolme on the constitution
15. Dr. Johnson's sermons
16. Johnsoniana
17. Rev. W. Jones's letters. Mrs. Chapone's letters
18. Essays by Bishop Horne
19. Dr. B. Franklin's essays
20. Sir J. Reynolds's Discourses
21 Burke's Reflections
22. Sir W. Jones's letters
23. Burns's letters
24. Horace Walpole's Reminiscences. Walpoliana
25. Beattie's letters
Added engraved title pages