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The Greenwood encyclopedia of love, courtship, & sexuality through history

James W. Howell (Editor), William E. Burns (Editor), Victoria L. Mondelli (Editor), Cherrie A. Gottsleben (Editor), Merril D. Smith (Editor), Susan Mumm (Editor), James T. Sears (Editor)
The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Sex, Love, and Culture volumes cover the ancient world, the medieval era, the early modern period, the colonial and revolutionary age, the nineteenth century, and the modern world. Each volume is cross-cultural in scope and includes alphabetically arranged entries written by expert contributors. Entries cover such topics as customs and practices, authors and works, concepts and institutions, and various other subjects. The encyclopedia is multicultural in scope, inviting comparisons of sex and love across different groups of people, and illustrating how the very concepts of love and sexuality are defined by cultural contexts. The volumes are fully illustrated and cite numerous works for further reading. Students will value this set as a source of information about daily life around the world, while general readers will find it fascinating and insightful
Print Book, English, ©2008
Greenwood Press, Westport, Conn., ©2008
6 volumes : illustrations ; 27 cm
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