Front cover image for The war on science : muzzled scientists and wilful blindness in Stephen Harper's Canada

The war on science : muzzled scientists and wilful blindness in Stephen Harper's Canada

"Chris Turner argues that Stephen Harper's attack on basic science, science communication, environmental regulations, and the environmental NGO community is the most vicious assault ever waged by a Canadian government on the fundamental principles of the Enlightenment. From the closure of Arctic research stations as oil drilling begins in the High Arctic to slashed research budgets in agriculture, dramatic changes to the nation's fisheries policy, and the muzzling of government scientists, Harper's government has effectively dismantled Canada's long-standing scientific tradition. Drawing on interviews with scientists whose work has been halted by budget cuts and their colleagues in an NGO community increasingly treated as an enemy of the state, The War on Science paints a vivid and damning portrait of a government that has abandoned environmental stewardship and severed a national commitment to the objective truth of basic science as old as Canada itself."-- Source other than Library of Congress
Print Book, English, 2013
Greystone Books, Vancouver, 2013
Alberta author
170 pages ; 22 cm
9781771004312, 1771004312
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