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Making waves : new cinemas of the 1960s

Print Book, English, 2013
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Bloomsbury, New York, 2013
Criticism, interpretation, etc
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AcknowledgementsA Note on Names and Film TitlesPreface to the 2013 EditionIntroduction: What Were the Sixties? Part I: Before the Revolution1. World Cinema in the 1950s2. Criticism and Culture Part II: The New Cinemas3. New Cinemas, New Politics4. Sex and Censorship5. Outside the Studio6. Documentary, Cinéma Vérité, and the ‘New American Cinema’7. Technological Innovations: Colour, Wide Screen, the Zoom Lens8. Narrative9. New Cinemas, National Cinemas Part III: Movements10. Britain: From Kitchen Sink to Swinging London11. France: From Nouvelle Vague to May ’6812. Italy13. From Polish School to Czech New Wave and Beyond14. Latin America Part IV: Four Auteurs15. Young Godard16. Antonioni17. Pasolini18. OshimaConclusionFifty FilmsBibliographyIndex of Film TitlesIndex