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Letters of note : correspondence deserving of a wider audience

A collection of over one hundred of the world's most entertaining, inspiring and unusual letters, based on the seismically popular website of the same name, an online museum of correspondence visited by over 70 million people -- Source other then Library of Congress
Print Book, English, 2013
Canongate, Edinburgh, 2013
xvi, 368 pages : illustrations (some color), portraits (some color) ; 29 cm
9781782112235, 9781908717672, 1782112235, 190871767X
Machine generated contents note: 001. One'S Drop Scones / Dwight D. Eisenhower
002. From Hell / Jack
003. Wind The Clock / E.B. White
004.I Am To Be Executed / Mary Stuart
005.I Hear You Like Tomato Soup / William P. MacFarland
006. Bill Hicks On Freedom Of Speech / Bill Hicks
007. Your Pal, John K. / John Kricfalusi
008. The Elephant Man / Francis Carr-Gomm
009.I Like Words / Robert Pirosh
010.I Can'T Fight Any Longer / Virginia Woolf
011. There Is No Money In Answering Letters / Groucho Marx
012. As Dire As Its Title / Ian Main
013.I Stand Astounded And Appalled / Charles Dickens
014. Fifty Lady Sharpshooters Await / Annie Oakley
015. To Hell With Hitler / Patrick Hitler
016. Thank You For The Dream / Roald Dahl
017. How I Would Like To Work For You! / Eudora Welty
018.'Music Is 'Life Itself / Louis Armstrong
019. To My Old Master / Jourdon Anderson
020. My Good Friend Roosvelt / Fidel Castro. Note continued: 021.A Man Has To Be Something; He Has To Matter / Hunter S. Thompson
022.I Beg You To Take My Child / Various Mothers
023. Eat Your Vegetables! / John W. James III
024.A Personal Letter From Steve Martin / Steve Martin
025. Is It A Disgrace To Be Born A Chinese? / Mary Tape
026.O.M.G. / John Arbuthnot Fisher
027. It Is Only Adults Who Ever Feel Threatened / Ursula Nordstrom
028. God Damn It, I Split It So It Will Stay Split / Raymond Chandler
029.I Shall Be Waiting For You / Lady Shigenari
030. My Muse Is Not A Horse / Nick Cave
031. Our Frank / The Connell
032.I Am Not Afraid Of Robots. I Am Afraid Of People / Ray Bradbury
033. Do / Sol LeWitt
034. What Did You Say? I Can'T Hear You / Katharine Hepburn
035. The Ax / Charles M. Schulz
036.I Love My Wife. My Wife Is Dead / Richard Feynman
037. You Are Not So Kind As You Used To Be / Clementine Churchill. Note continued: 038. Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus / Virginia O'Hanlon
039.I Have Just Written You A Long Letter / Alfred D. Winlle
040. Sweetheart Come / Emma Hauck
041. Avenge My Death / Masanobu Kuno
042. Don'T Touch His Hair / Three Elvis Presley
043. To: My Widow / Robert Scott
044. Put Up Your Dukes And Write! / Jack Kerouac
045. You Must Know Again My Reluctance To Marry / Amelia Earhart
046.I'D Like To Continue To Be A Good Soldier / Eddie Slovik
047. The Galilean Moons / Galileo Galilei
048. The Birch Bark Letters / Gavrila Posenya
049. To A Top Scientist / Denis Cox
050. Deep Sickness Seized Me / Lucy Thurston
051. He'S Here, Living And Vivid And Unforgettable Forever / Stewart Stern
052.I Miss My Biggest Heart / Emily Dickinson
053. Your End Is Approaching / Martin Luther King Jr
054.A Most Important Discovery / Francis Crick
055. The Skills Of Leonardo Da Vinci / Leonardo da Vinci. Note continued: 056.I Am In A State Of Shock / Flannery O'Connor
057. Federal Agent At Large / Elvis Presley
058. Do Not Grieve For Me / Fyodor Dostoevsky
059.17 Million Negroes Cannot Wait For The Hearts Of Men To Change / Jackie Robinson
060.11 Alive ... Need Small Boat ... Kennedy / John F. Kennedy
061. Oh Christ, The Cook Is Dead / Spike Milligan
062. In Event Of Moon Disaster / William Satire
063. The Most Beautiful Death / Laura Huxley
064. Regarding Your Dam Complaint / Stephen L. Tvedten
065. Why Explore Space? / Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger
066.I Am Very Real / Kurt Vonnegut
067. An Idiot Of The 33Rd Degree / Mark Twain
068. Hang On, My Love, And Grow Big And Strong / Iggy Pop
069.I Wrote A Book Called The Godfather / Mario Puzo
070. The Result Would Be A Catastrophe / Roger Boisjoly
071. All The Ladies Like Whiskers / Grace Bedell
072.1 Felt The Risk Of Being Overwhelmed By Giger / James Cameron. Note continued: 073. How Could You Go Ahead Of Me? A Widow
074.I Am The Servant Of The King / Ayyab
075.I Shall Always Be Near You / Sullivan Ballou
076.I'M Still Someplace / Uncle Lynn
077. The Birth Of Bonfire Night / William Parker
078. It'S Up To You Now / Bette Davis
079. Forget Your Personal Tragedy / Ernest Hemingway
080.I Was Meant To Be A Composer / Samuel Barber
081. Permission To Land / Buang-Ly
082. Say Yes I Need A Job / Tim Schafer
083. We No Longer Have Any Right To Remain Silent / American Writers
084. Kipling'S Hints On Schoolboy Etiquette / Rudyard Kipling
085. Sex Does Not Thrive On Monotony / Anais Nin
086. Kiss My Ass / Bill Baxley
087. The Heiligenstadt Testament / Ludwig van Beethoven
088. Pay It Forward / Benjamin Franklin
089. Eddie'S House / Jim Berger
090.I Was Ready To Sink Into The Earth With Shame / Form Letter
091. Sorrow Passes And We Remain / Henry James. Note continued: 092. It Will Prove Invincible / Philip K. Dick
093. Thank You Bob / Frederic Flom
094. New Rubbish Dialogue / Alec Guinness
095.I Refuse To Be Cheated Out Of My Deathbed Scene / Rebecca West
096. Obscene And Sacrilegious / Lord Bernard Delfont
097. Wretched Woman! / Jermain Loguen
098. This Is No Drill / Cincpac
099. Dear 8 Year-Old Teresa / Wil Wheaton
100. What A Dandy Car You Make / Clyde Barrow
101. Love, Dad / Ronald Reagan
102. We Are Sinking Fast / SS Birma
103. An Incredible Coincidence / Robert T. Lincoln
104. Pixar Films Don'T Get Finished, They Just Get Released / Pete Docter
105. May We All Get Better Together / Charles Bukowski
106. We All Feel Like That Now And Then / Sir Archibald Clark Kerr
107. It Was Hard To Give Five Sons To The Navy / Alleta Sullivan
108. Nothing Good Gets Away / John Steinbeck
109. The Great Fire Of London / James Hicks
110. It Is Like Confessing A Murder / Charles Darwin. Note continued: 111. Hardly One. Hardly One / Arthur C. Fifield
112. John Lennon Signed My Album / Mark Chapman
113. Things To Worry About / F. Scott Fitzgerald
114. My Wick Hath A Thief In It / Charles Lamb
115. Vote For Me I Will Help You Out / John Beaulieu
116. Do Scientists Pray? / Albert Einstein
117. For The Sake Of Humanity / Mohandas Gandhi
118.I Have Not Shot Her Yet / Dorothy Parker
119. Letter To A Young Poet / Rainer Maria Rilke
120. What Great Births You Have Witnessed! / Mark Twain
121. Einstein'S One Great Mistake / Albert Einstein
122.Come Quick To Me / Zelda Fitzgerald
123. Art Is Useless Because ... / Oscar Wilde
124.I Leave It In Your Capable Hands / Mick Jagger
125. Slaughterhouse-Five / Kurt Vonnegut
Includes index