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Guerrilla TV : Low budget programme making

Ian Lewis
The world of digital television means hundreds of channels, all trying to be different, all looking for product. But the overall international production spend has scarcely increased. Guerrilla TV shows how to make high quality programs at budget levels which were previously thought impossible, and how to make a living doing it. This book is about empowerment; about making things happen. It is packed full of ideas, inspiration and help. The author, an experienced director/producer/writer, provides an insight into the 'real world' of television program making today
eBook, English, 2000
Taylor and Francis, Hoboken, 2000
1 online resource (260 pages)
9781136056109, 1136056106
Cover; Guerrilla TV; Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; Introduction; 1 Perspectives; The start of television in the UK: the BBC; ITV; TV news; BBC2; The 1980s; Channel 4; Sky Television; The new ITV; The 1990s; Channel 5; Digital television; Interactive television; Technology; Independent production; The marketplace; Power-shift; TV in Britain
a brief timeline; 2 Putting the programme together; Having the right idea; Forced choices; 3 Budgets and costing; Budget forms; Doing the budget; Case history: Cookery Clinic; The £50k movie; Series budgets; Summary. 4 Finance and deal structuresNet profit; 1 Fully commissioned programmes; 2 Paying for it yourself; 3 The third way; Distributor-led programming; Case history: Gumdrop; Case history: Sponsorship; Co-production; Hidden sales; Finding partners; Revenue
the bottom line; The deal
a summary; 5 Research and script; Research; Internet searches; The script; Summary; 6 Crew and equipment; Equipment; Acquisition formats; Single or multi-camera; Crew; Summary; 7 Overseas production; Case history: Cafés of Europe; Case history: Free at Last; Air fares; Hotels and car hire; Summary. 8 Production schedulingScript breakdown; Case history: Studio (Cookery Clinic); Case history: Travel documentary (Cafés of Europe); Case history: Drama (The Chef's Apprentice); Summary; 9 Production; Daily schedules; People and performances; Interviews; Professionals; Summary; 10 Cameras
making it look good; The camera; Lighting; Tripods and dollies; Wide-screen; Summary; 11 Microphones
making it sound good; Stereo; Radio microphones, or 'I'm looking for a boom shadow'; Perspective; Summary; 12 Post-production; Do you need it?; Preparation; The editor; Procedures; Assembly. Cutting to lengthSummary; 13 DV and desktop editing; How to do it; Capture cards: analogue; Capture cards: digital; Sound; Software; Testing; Summary; 14 Sound post-production; Commentary; Summary; 15 Rights and clearances; Music rights; Music copyright; Commissioning music; Other rights; Summary; Epilogue; Resources; Sample budget forms; Sample revenue projection; A definition of net profits; A sample script layout; A sample marked-up transcript page; A cutting order; Media directories; UK TV stations; Selected UK distributors; Internet addresses; World TV standards; Index