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Disability incarcerated : imprisonment and disability in the United States and Canada

"Disability Incarcerated gathers thirteen contributions from an impressive array of fields. Taken together, these essays assert that a complex understanding of disability is crucial to an understanding of incarceration, and that we must expand what has come to be called 'incarceration.' The chapters in this book examine a host of sites, such as prisons, institutions for people with developmental disabilities, psychiatric hospitals, treatment centers, special education, detention centers, and group homes; explore why various sites should be understood as incarceration; and discuss the causes and effects of these sites historically and currently."--pub. desc
Print Book, English, 2014
Palgrave Macmillan, New York, NY, 2014
xvi, 297 pages ; 24 cm
9781137393234, 9781137404053, 1137393238, 1137404051
Foreword; Angela Y. Davis Acknowledgments Preface: An Overview of Disability Incarcerated; Allison Carey, Liat Ben-Moshe, & Chris Chapman PART I. INTERLOCKING HISTORIES AND LEGACIES OF CONFINEMENT 1. Reconsidering Confinement: Interlocking Locations and Logics of Incarceration; Chris Chapman, Allison C. Carey, & Liat Ben-Moshe 2. Five Centuries' Material Reforms and Ethical Reformulations of Social Elimination; Chris Chapman 3. Creating the Back Ward: The Triumph of Custodialism and the Uses of Therapeutic Failure in Nineteenth Century Idiot Asylums; Phil Ferguson 4. Eugenics Incarceration and Expulsion: Daniel G. and Andrew T.'s Deportation from 1928 Toronto, Canada; Geoffrey Reaume 5. Crippin' Jim Crow: Disability and the School-to-Prison Pipeline; Nirmala Erevelles 6. Walking the Line Between the Past and the Future: Parents' Resistance and Commitment to Institutionalization; Allison C. Carey & Lucy Gu 7. Remembering Institutional Erasures: The meaning of histories of disability incarceration in Ontario; Jihan Abbas & Jijian Voronka PART II. INTERLOCKING OPPRESSIONS, CONTEMPORARY LOCKDOWN AND CONTESTED FUTURES 8. The New Asylums: Madness & Mass Incarceration in the Neoliberal Era; Michael Rembis 9. It Can't be Fixed Because It's Not Broken: Racism and Disability in the Prison Industrial Complex; Syrus Ware, Joan Ruzsa & Giselle Dias 10. Chemical Constraint: Experiences of Psychiatric Coercion, Restraint, and Detention as Carceratory Techniques; Erick Fabris & Katie Aubrecht 11. Racing Madness: The Terrorizing Madness of the Post-9/11 Terrorist Body; Shaista Patel 12. Refugee Camps, Asylum Detention, and the Geopolitics of Transnational Mobility: Disability and its Intersections with Humanitarian Confinement; Mansha Mirza 13. Self-Advocacy: The Emancipation Movement Led by People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities; Mark Friedman & Ruthie-Marie Beckwith 14. Alternatives to (Disability) Incarceration; Liat Ben-Moshe Afterword; Robert McRuer