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Disputing citizenship

John Clarke (Author), Kathleen Coll (Author), Evelina Dagnino (Author), Catherine Neveu (Author)
This unique book presents a new perspective on citizenship by treating it as a continuing focus of dispute. The authors develop a view of citizenship as always emerging from struggle through an exploration of the entanglements of politics, culture and power that are both embodied and contested in forms and practices of citizenship. This book will mainly appeal to scholars and students engaged by the question of citizenship, across a range of disciplines, as well as policymakers and practitioners
eBook, English, 2014
Policy Press, Bristol, UK, 2014
1 online resource (viii, 214 pages)
9781447312543, 9781306408035, 9781447312550, 9781447312574, 1447312546, 1306408032, 1447312554, 1447312570
The structure of the book
1. Recentering citizenship
Contextualising citizenship
Citizenship: political projects and cultural formations
Citizenship, politics and the adventures of culture
Culture, politics and cultural citizenship
Conclusion: recentering citizenship
views from the margins
2. Decentering citizenship
Unsettling citizenship
Pluralising the state
Decentering the state in practice
Dividing and multiplying: reinventing 'the people'
Assembling citizenship
Conclusion: decentering in theory and practice3. Imagining the 'communities' of citizenship
Nationalising and naturalising citizenship
Becoming post-national?
Reinventing the 'communities' of citizens
Sites and scales of citizenship
A politics of scale?
Locations and localisations
Citizenship taking place
Conclusion: citizenship as connective
Conclusion: Disputing citizenship
Citizenship in the making
Contested meanings: what is at stake in citizenship?
The unfinished