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Teaching sustainability : perspectives from the humanities and social sciences

"American colleges and universities have been relatively quick to address the challenge of sustainability in operations. Ironically, they have been slower to respond in regard to their core mission: educating students. Teaching sustainability aims to redress this shortcoming by opening doors to education for sustainability in the humanities and social sciences. The essays in this collection are richly diverse. They investigate ways sustainability education 'pushes back' against traditional disciplines while it simultaneously benefits from the perspectives and skills these fields have to offer. They also address "big questions" such as how to make education meaningful, how to examine hidden assumptions underlying current curricula, and how a focus on sustainability can answer critics of contemporary higher education. The heart of teaching sustainability is reflection and advice on pedagogy. From these richly diverse case studies important common themes emerge: the 'symbiotic relationship' between classroom and campus operations; techniques for transforming the campus itself from merely a setting to a 'learning laboratory;' and the potential of community partners for teaching sense of place. An equally significant theme is the overlap between sustainability education and emerging best practice in pedagogy. Essays on theory and practice, individual and collaborative projects, service learning, and consequential activities, all exemplify how sustainability and deep learning go hand and hand. Like sustainability itself, the volume infuses theory with practical application. The contributors demonstrate the ways in which a single course can serve as a powerful change agent for an entire campus, how to build bridges between faculty and administrators, and even how to move forward on modest budgets. The authors themselves constitute a network of advisors"--Publisher's description
Print Book, English, 2014
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Stephen F. Austin State University Press, Nacogdoches, Texas, 2014
xx, 286 pages : color illustrations ; 25 cm
9781622880614, 1622880617
Foreword: Shallow versus deep environmental education / David W. Orr
Preface / Dr. William Forbes
Introduction / Dr. Wendy Petersen Boring
A student perspective / Marshall Curry, Emily Dougan
Conceptual Frameworks : Sustainability's Challenges to Traditional Curriculum, Disciplinary Frameworks and Educational Paradigms. Learning outcomes for sustainability in the humanities / Jon Jenson
The culture of sustainability / Mark Cladis
Historical consciousness in an age of climate change / Wendy Petersen Boring
Justice and sustainability : inseparable imperatives? / Steve Vanderheiden
Building a pedagogical toolbox : the nuts and bolts of infusing sustainability into humanities and social sciences courses / Sharon Meagher
Shifting the metaphor : designing 21st century curriculum based on the principles of living systems and sustainability / John Gould
In the Classroom : Case Studies and Innovative Pedagogies. Multidisciplinary approaches to sustainability education / Frank Galgano and Paul Rosier
A Willamette Valley agriculture wiki : enhancing place-based sustainability education and creating opportunities to support local communities / Kimberlee Chambers, Sheriden A. Schlegel, Katy J. Giombolini, Jonnie B. Dunne
Psychology, sustainability, and sense of place / Milene Z. Morfei
reDesign art for all : creating an interdisciplinary program with graphic design, sustainability, and student leadership / JP Avila, Christine Cooley, and Lace Smith
Contemplative poetics and pedagogy for sustainability / Gurleen Grewal
Using geography to address sustainability in an online 4-8th grade teacher certification program / William Forbes, D. Michelle Williams, Tiffany Ingram
Promoting sustainability through enhancing resilience : transdisciplinary teaching and learning in the cross cultural context of ESAVANA
The Campus as Site for Place-Based Learning. A decade of lessons from connecting campus greening with the classroom at Rice Univesity / Richard Johnson and Elizabeth Long
Integrating sustainability theory and practice : liberal education and effective practice (LEEP™) at Clark University
The campus and community as a learning laboratory : possibilities and limitations / Jay Roberts
Exploring sustainability through on-campus consulting / Lisa K. Barlow
Seeding the pedagogical landscape : a design-based approach to sustainability education / Dina El-Mogazi
Reflections from a classroom that uses the campus as a sustainability teaching tool / Suzanne Savanick Hansen
Appendices: Sample syllabus from Galgano and Rosier essay ; Sample syllabus from Johnson and Long essay ; Sample syllabus from Petersen Boring essay