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Other planes of there : selected writings

"For more than two decades artist Renée Green has created an impressive body of work in which language is an essential element. A prolific writer and a major cosmopolitan voice in the international art world, Other planes of there gathers for the first time Green's writings from 1981 to 2010, bringing together essays, film scripts, reviews, and polemics with reflections in her own artistic practice and seminal artworks."
Print Book, English, 2014
Duke University Press, Durham, 2014
autobiographies (literary works)
xii, 506 pages, 64 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations ; 24 cm
9780822356929, 9780822357032, 0822356929, 0822357038
Sites of criticism : a symposium. practices : the problem of division of cultural labor : statement
Discourse on Afro-American art: the twenties
I won't play other to your same
What's painting got to do with it? representing gender and sexuality in the age of post-mechanical reproduction
From camino road
Open letter #1: on influence
Open letter #2: another attempt
Collectors, creators, and shoppers
Peripatetic at "home"
Free agent media, fam
Situationist text
Introductory notes of a reader and "a contemporary moment"
Trading on the margin
Democracy in question
Notes from a user: l'Informe
Spike Lee's mix: calculated risks and assorted reckonings
Compared to what?
Notes on humanist and ecological republic and Lac Mantasoa
Other planes of there
Archives, documents' forms of creation, activation, and use
On kawara's solutions to living
"Give me body" : freaky fun, biopolitics, and contact zones
Dropping science: art and technology revisited 2.0
Site-specificity unbound: considering "participatory mobility"
Affection afflictions: my alien/my self, or more "reading at work"
Survival: ruminations on archival lacunae
Sites of genealogy
Vistavision: landscapes of desire
Tracing lusitania: excerpts from an imagined prototype
Secret, part 1. practiced places
Secret, part 2. scenes from a group show: project unit
Inventory of clues
Eighteen aphoristic statements
Collecting well is the best revenge
The digital import/export funk office
Wavelinks transmitted amidst "dangerous crossings": reflections in 2006
Standardized octagonal units for imagined and existing systems
Sound forest folly: intermediary units of a variable number
Why systems?
Index (from oblivion): paradoxes and climates. thought experiments: warm-up
Climates and paradoxes
Why reply?
Now it seems like a dream
Imagine this wherever and whoever you are
Come closer: prelude to endless dreams and water between
Come closer
Endless dreams and water between