Front cover image for Transformation by fire : the archaeology of cremation in cultural context

Transformation by fire : the archaeology of cremation in cultural context

"This edited volume explores crematory practices as both an archaeological phenomenon and social practice, within cultural constructs. This exploration aims to illustrate the need to view cremation as a study of not only mortuary practices, but also of a dynamic social process that deals with 'death, movement of the body, and final deposition of remains' (Kuijt)"--Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2014
The University of Arizona Press, Tucson, 2014
viii, 322 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm.
9780816531141, 0816531145
Part I. Fire and the Body : Reframing Perspectives on Cremation
Contextualizing Cremations : Introduction to Fire and the Body / Colin P. Quinn, Ian Kuijt, and Gabriel Cooney
Complexities of Terminologies and Intellectual Frameworks in Cremation Studies / Colin P. Quinn, Lynne Goldstein, Gabriel Cooney, Ian Kuijt (Mini-essay)
Part II. Connecting Treatments of the Body : Cremation and Inhumation as Social Practices
Socially Responsible and Culturally Conscious Approaches to Cremations : New and Old World / Liv Nilsson Stutz and David Hurst Thomas
Reconcilable Differences : Cremation, Fragmentation and Inhumation in Mesolithic and Neolithic Sweden / Åsa M Larsson and Liv Nilsson Stutz
The Temporal and Cultural Contexts of the Enigmatic Cremations from the Yokem Site, Illinois, USA / Mark R. Schurr and Della Collins Cook
A Well-Urned Rest : Cremation and Inhumation in Early Anglo-Saxon England / Howard Williams
Cremation, Gender and Concepts of the Self in the British Early Bronze Age / Joanna Brück
Part III. Social Impact of Cremation : Transformation, Movement and the Body
Reflections on the Visibility of Cremation as a Physical Event / Liv Nilsson Stutz and Ian Kuijt
Pathways to Personhood : Cremation as a Social Practice among the Tucson Basin Hohokam / Jessica. I. Cerezo-Román
Re/turn : Cremation, movement and re-collection in the Early Bronze Age of Denmark / Tim Flohr Sørensen
The Role of Cremation in Mortuary Practice in the Irish Neolithic / Gabriel Cooney
Transformation and Metaphors : Thoughts on Cremation Practices in the Precontact Midwestern United States / Lynne Goldstein and Katy Meyers
Part IV. Reassembling the Pieces : Future Directions
Reflections : Techniques, Potential, and Challenges of Cremations / Mark R. Schurr
Future Directions for the Archaeology of Cremation / Jessica. I. Cerezo-Román and Howard Williams